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First Ever Give-Away! On That Night

December 5, 2010

I first read this story with my Dad, when I was a child. He had received this book in some boxes of books that a friend had given him. The story, and the memory it holds of time with my dad, makes for a very special place in my heart. One year for Christmas, my dad even recorded himself reading the story on tape and gave it to me and other family members for Christmas.

My Favorite Christmas Story!


In recent years it has become a tradition of mine and my mom’s to read the story together each evening in the days leading up to Christmas. The book is short and easy to read, so even if we don’t start it until the week before Christmas we have plenty of time to get it read by Christmas. I think the whole book is only around 96 pages or so.

The story recounts five separate people on their journey to and from the Christmas Eve service at their church.  The book has two parts; the first part is their journey to the service and the second part is their journey home from the service. Each person’s journey relates a story of lost things being found again – all because of the precious baby born on Christmas Day – Our Savior.

Last year I gave a copy of the book to a friend. She read it during the Christmas season with my mom and I and she too, fell in love with it. This year I decided I wanted to share the book with my readers, and in the Spirit of Christmas, thought I’d do a give-away here on my blog!

So, here’s the deal; I am giving away a copy of On That Night, by Elizabeth Yates to one of my readers. This book is no longer in publication so you can’t just run to the bookstore and pick it up. You have to find it on the web under used/out of publication books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  But I just happen to have some extra copies so one of you lucky readers will have this book to start your own Christmas memories with this year.

The give-away starts today and ends Wednesday December, 8 2010.  Here is how you can have a chance to win: leave me a comment on here telling me why you would like to have this book, and also one thing about your favorite part of the Christmas season. Comments left here on my blog only, will be entered in the drawing. Facebook comments will not count.

Many people have thought that in order to leave me a comment on here they had to have a “wordpress” account. But that isn’t so – what you need to do is put your Name in the “name” box, and an email address in the “email” box. Then type your comment in the “comment” box and hit post. You will not see your comment show up right away if you haven’t left a comment before because I have to “approve” it before posting. I receive an email whenever a new comment is left for me on my blog.

So, it’s that simple – I can’t wait to hear from you! I will choose the winner on Thursday December 9, 2010 using I will then get the winner their book, either by mail if they are not local, or delivery if they are local! I hope this makes for some fun communication and interest!

Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!

May each of you have a blessed week.



  1. I would like to have the book to read to my children during the Christmas month. I try to do new and creative things with them every year and they love stories and to be read to. Some of my favorite things about Christmas are the songs that make us think about Christ and why he came to this earth, time spent together with the family, the decorations and that wonderful feeling of “expectation” as it gets closer to Christmas Day.
    Love you!! 🙂

  2. Diane, this is a wonderful Idea. I won’t actually enter because that would cost you in postage to send it to me here but I think it may be the kind of thing I will go looking for on my own. I have a beautiful seven year old daughter and I have been convicted lately that I don’t always give her the quality time that she deserves. Your blog post made me realize how important that is. Thank you for your insight and for the beautiful open way that you write.
    I think my favorite Christmas memories as a child take place in a little church on the corner of Fifth and Arbutus taking part in a live nativity scene. It was always freezing cold and it was hard for me as a small child to sit or kneel there so still for so long but when it was all over it was always a good time that made Christmas more meaningful to me.
    However, my favorite memories for Christmas are still being made every year as I spend time with my family and friends and watch how God imprints His story on their lives. Thank you again for your beautiful blog that is so full of encouragement and inspiration for all of us who have the privilege of reading it. Virgil

  3. It has been a long journey for me these past few months. Divorce, moving into a new place with my son. Being a single parent again and watching my son grow into a young man by turning 16 this past November. At this time of year I’m reminded that ALL my grand parents are gone which means both my parents don’t have their parents and that makes me sad. But reading your post makes me think that this would be a great tradition for my son and I to start. I’d like my son to remember something touching we used to do together during the holidays. Being a good parent and role model for my son is very important to me and this is a perfect opportunity to start something new with a new beginning of being a single parent and newly single again.

  4. This is your Dad. Diane…I may not be worthy…and there may be many others more worthy of the copy you have reserved. If you have more than one…I would aprpreciate, and consider it an H O N O R to receiive one from you. I know not where my copy is. I may still have it…but the fact that you have a memory of the tradition I started makes it all worth while. As of the time of this writing, I have not yet a meory of Christmas that could possibly be placed in words. What I do know, is that those who read this story would be BLESSED FOREVER in reading it. TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS…DON’T THINK OF THIS WHOLE THING AS PREPOSTEROUS…IF YOU DON’T GET A COPY FROM DIANE…DELVE INTO THE INTERNET, BOOKSTORES, W H A T E V E R IT TAKES TO GET A COPY OF THIS BOOK. YOU WILL BE BLESSED.

  5. I would love to have this book! As a young family, we haven’t started any Christmas traditions or really been able to do anything like that “on our own”. I’m so excited to begin this chapter in our lives, and I’d love to incorporate a book like this!

    My 2 most favorite things to do around Christmas are going to church and surrounding myself with others who know the true meaning of Christmas and have come to worship our King, and also having Christmas movie marathons at home, snuggled up with cocoa. Two very different things, but both OH so wonderful. 🙂

  6. This is such a fun idea! I love it!
    I would like to have a copy of the book because Richard and I as of yet have no Christmas traditions…and a book that celebrates Jesus Christ’s birth would be just perfect! I think it would also be a lovely way to get into the spirit…not the gift-giving, lights and snow stuff, but the real reason Christians celebrate 🙂
    My favorite part of the Christmas season would have to be…being with family, and that warm feeling you get when everyone is all together, and the loving reminder of how much our Saviour loves us!

  7. Hi Diane! It’s your brother. I would like a copy becasue it would be a great tradition to start with my family! You wouldn’t even have to mail it to me, you could just give it to me when you see me at Christmas! Ok, so what is one thing I Love about the Christmas season…Well Christ’s birth of course. Jesus Christ born so that he could save the world from our sin through his death on a cross, so that we could enter into a relationship with God.

    Can’t wait to see you at Christmas!

  8. Hola Diane! I’m officially entering this contest. : D
    I usually read “The Polar Express” with my girls each Christmas (complete with each of them holding a silver bell) Alas, they are 11 and 13 now, the magic’s not gone -but I believe it’s time for a new story tradition. Super interested in this book! My favorite part of the Christmas season is the overwhelming Christ-like attitude people have. The willingness to serve our fellow man is very apparent and it gives me a sense of hope for our society. Service brings so much happiness to the one that gives. : D

  9. I have never heard you say anything about this book or Christmas tradition in all the years I have known you! So I would love to get a copy & read it. If you love it I am sure it is good! My favorite part of the Christmas season is singing Christmas carols at church, decorating the house all festive and baking!

  10. Hi Diane!!
    This is so like you to do this. You are such a giving and caring person!!
    I would love this book to start a tradition of reading it to the kids. I know that Jeffrey and Tori would really enjoy it and Jimmy will learn to enjoy it too as he grows older. I a have been looking for a good book to read with the kids and this sounds lilke a great one. 🙂
    As for the part I love about the Christmas season is for one thing spending the time with family. All the extra time spent with family is priceless. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces makes me so happy. The love and joy shown through Christ especially shines at this time of the year!!

  11. Hi Diane! This is such a great idea how you want to share your memories & love for a book to others. I would love to read this book. Being that my kids are so young, we are just starting to make our own family traditions & my hope is to teach them the true meaning of what Christmas and what it’s all about by leading by example. I’m looking for Christmas stories or books that I can read to my kids the whole month of December as a yearly tradition.

    My favorite part about Christmas is getting to spend time with our whole family & continue making those special memories with eachother. God has blessed me with a wonderful & Godly husband & 3 amazing boys that I adore & I never want to take them for granted. I also love decorating, crafting & baking for Christmas so we can share our love with eachother.

    Diane- I hope you have a wonderful & blessed Christmas season! My prayers continue for you and your mom as you continue down the road of recovery with your health.

  12. Hey Diane, i would love a copy of this book. i have heard one other person talk about how good this book is. also i would love to start a tradition with james by reading this book to him before bed during the christmas season. my favorite part of christmas is seeing all my family and all the decorations and lights. also seeing James’ eyes get all big and his smiles on his face when he see’s santa.

  13. Hi Diane & readers! What a cool idea! The story of the tradition with your dad is so touching. I have fond memories like that too and I pray that there will be traditions like this that Miss M can look back on and carry on with her own family. That is why I would love to have this book! Like Kimie’s family, we are still trying to figure out our traditions and this sounds like a good one.

    Speaking of tradition, I think aside from the meaning of it all, tradition is my favorite part. My grandpa could always be counted on to stick a bow on his bald head…last year I got a precious snap shot of my dad carrying on THAT tradition that his dad inadvertently started.

    Whoever wins this giveaway will be blessed to carry on this sweet tradition!

  14. I have the honor of working with women recently displaced from their passion of homemaking due to divorce, death of a spouse, spouse’s job loss, etc. One of my clients is graduating next week from a 14-week job readiness program. She has not only had perfect attendance, but consistently exceeds expectations by proactively participating in activities to expand her professional network and increase her employability. She does it all as a single mother of three, without a home of her own, or reliable transportation. I belief she is on the cusp of lasting success and would profoundly appreciate the message of this book.

  15. I feel so special that you and Mom, gifted Dyllan and I a copy last year. I love you two very much, and Dyllan and I are going to start reading tonight!!

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