Posted by: thedianestory | December 2, 2010

My Tummy Update

December 2, 2010

I’ve been promising for almost a week now to post an update and I have just been too tired by the end of the night to write, which is usually when I end up blogging. So, I am finally getting around to posting the promised update. I think I need to start a category just for my tummy posts and call it “tummy talk.” 🙂 I know, lame but it makes me laugh.

I got the results from my MRA that I had a few weeks back and it actually showed some significant things wrong. They could not see the Inferior Mesenteric Artery – which is what supplies the main blood flow to the colon. My doctor says there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to see it…so is it missing? They also found that my duodenum is enlarged, and they are not sure why, or if that is of real concern. There was something else to do with my small intestine that is an issue but I can’t remember exactly what the doctor said.

So, that gets us somewhere, right? Wrong. My stupid doctor says he “doesn’t know where to go from here.” So basically just left me sitting with no answers. My GI doctor told me I should call the doctor who saw me for my tummy while I was hospitalized down in San Fransisco last year. I called his office and was told I have to see his Nurse Practioner first, and I can’t get an appointment with her until February 4, 2011. They said they would put me on the cancellation list though. Lovely. I plan on calling them again now that I know these test results to see if maybe the doctor could at least take a look at my MRA and see if he thinks it is concerning enough to see be sooner that next year!!!!!!!!

I’m still is tons of pain with my tummy and barely have an appetite. This whole week I have only eaten once a day, and hardly anything at that. I know I am not getting the calories/nutrition I need, but can’t exactly do anything about it when the doctors won’t help me. I tried to get in to see my pain specialist this week, but they wouldn’t squeeze me in either, so I just had to keep my appointment for next week. I love that no one wants to help me. And they wonder why I end up in the ER so much!

This week I have somehow managed to hurt my back. I started having lower back pain Monday night and thought it was my kidneys, possibly a kidney infection. I went to the doctor yesterday and they said my kidneys were fine, and that they think I injured my back somehow. I have no idea how that might be, but it appears that I did. Because I can’t take anti-inflammatories due to my tummy, they gave me an anti-inflammatory gel to rub into my back that is supposed to help and work the same as oral meds, but won’t have the tummy troubling effects. It does seem to help a little bit.

Last night I layed on the couch with the heat pack behind me on my back, and my tummy was hurting really, really bad as well. So I actually am thinking it may be possible the two are related. The other troubling health factor right now is that my blood pressure has been really low – like 90/61 low. The doctors are “concerned” about it, but again, no one has any answers. So I go on about my life as usual and get by the best I can.

For now, that is the update. Thanks for caring and for all the love and prayers you all have given me.


  1. Grandma ended up in the hospital a while back for what she thought was stemming from tummy/abdomen issues. It turns out that the pain was from sitting in a car for like a billion hours (her & Uncle Craig went on a trip all over the midwest). I know your situation is different, but you could be having alot of pain in either one from either cause, you know what I mean? So if nothing else…at least you know someone else who had experienced it, and you’re probably 100% right about your suspicions! Love you.

  2. Sending prayers your way Diane… I wish there was something I could do to help you with your back. Hopefully the tummy will be fixed soon (Lord fix Diane’s Tummy please)… and you can enjoy food again and feel healthy again.

    • Thank you Jonna. Love you!

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