Posted by: thedianestory | September 28, 2010

My Health Update

September 28, 2010

Hello friends. It has been a whirlwind couple of days for me. I am weak and tired. Though this evening I am feeling a bit better than I have for the last 36 hours. Let me fill you in.

I saw my new GI doctor (mine moved in June) on Sunday morning. Yes, I said Sunday. He had a family emergency so he was playing catch up with patients and asked if I would mine coming in on a Sunday. While I was not super excited with the idea I knew I needed to do whatever I had to in order to see him. It actually worked to my advantage, I believe because the office was not a crazy zoo like it is on a normal day, so my doctor was able to relax a bit and take his time with me. He is thinking that based on my present symptoms, I may have a stone in my bile duct. He is scheduling an ultrasound and Hida Scan. I should know tomorrow when those tests will be.

Well, the afternoon after seeing my doctor, I was running some errands with my mom and doubled over in pain at Walmart. I got us home and as soon as we were home I ran to the bathroom and started puking. It continued into Monday morning. So, Monday morning I called my GI’s office and asked what I should do. They told me to go to the ER and have the ER doctor call my doctor. Well, when I got to the hospital they ran some labs and decided that I had a Urinary Tract Infection, and sent me home with antibiotics. I never even was put into a room with a bed to see a doctor. I asked them what to do if the vomiting continued because I had already been dehydrated for 24 hours and couldn’t believe they were not hooking me up to an IV and hydrating me. They told me to stay on clear liquids and that if I still couldn’t keep things on my stomach that day to come back.

Well by 9pm Monday evening I was still puking. So, I called my friend and she took me back to the ER. This time they hooked me up to an IV and got me hydratred and gave me nausea meds (phenergen) which knocked me out. So I slept for two hours while they hydrated me. When I woke up I was feeling much better and had color in my cheeks again. 🙂 The doctor was amazing. Super compassionate and empathetic and was concerned about discharging me because of my history and knowing that we had just calmed symptoms down but still don’t know what the cause of the vomiting is from. But he let me go home anyway, once he was sure that these two tests my GI office is planning are going to get scheduled. I was able to come home and crash. I was out the second my head hit the pillow in the bed.

I woke up a few hours later with horrible tummy pain again, so I took my pain meds and went back to sleep. About three hours later I woke up again, nauseated. So I took my nausea meds which they had prescibed to me at the hospital. Then I slept some more. When I woke up later after about the same interval of time, I decided to call my GI doctor and tell them what was going on and how I had been back in the ER again last night. Well, the front desk said she was going to talk to his nurse and call me back. So I waited all day, and heard nothing…until 9:15pm this evening when my actual doctor called to talk with me.

He was concerned on the phone and asked me to fill him in on what is happening. I told him at this point, the vomiting has stopped and I am comfortable enough to make it thru the night if it stays this way. He asked if I thought I was well enough not to end up back in the ER tonight and I told him yes, as long as things stay how I feel presently. So he said to just keep him posted and that we will be in touch.

So for now, we wait for these tests to be scheduled and go from there. If the vomiting starts up again then I go to the ER and have them call my doctor and decide what to do from there. I know several of you friends are concerned that they are delaying these tests getting scheduled and want me to have them ASAP. I agree – but throughout all this medical journey I have come to realize that you have to have patience and know when to press the doctor’s buttons and when to be pushy. There is a fine line between advocating for yourself, and getting the doctor annoyed with you so he doesn’t want to be nice and help. I try not to push too hard, because I do not want a bad name for myself or the doctor to get annoyed with me as his patient.

God has blessed me with some good doctors and knows the timing and has reasons for everything. For example, having to go back to the ER a second time last night, when it could have probably been avoided if they would have just hydrated me the first time, really was kind of a blessing because I had an amazing doctor who cared. It may have been that if I did see the doctor on call in the morning I may have not had the same response. And I needed the compassion and empathy I received from the doctor last night. He was amazing – and really lifted my spirits. I think he was a Christian because several times he told me “blessings to you, and God Bless,” things like that.

Anyway, that is the update for now. I am super tired at the moment so I am going to hit publish on this update and try to sleep. Thank you friends and family for your love, prayer and support. Again, it means more than you know.

Blessings to each and every one of you.



  1. Praying for you as always.
    Most of the time Enloe sucks. I am so glad you got a nice doctor! There are some really great ones there, no matter how horrible some of the others are! I hear you. Love you.

    • I actually went to FRH, because Enloe never wants to touch me because all of my procedures have been in Paradise. Annoying going up the hill all the time, but when I get a good doctor it seems worth it.

  2. I hope this new doctor can finally get to the bottom of things for you, and can help you get rid of your pain. We love you, and will keep praying for you. Hugs.

    • Thanks Aunt Judy. At least I am working well this doctor and he seems to care, so far. That is a pluc. Love you too and thanks for the prayers.

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