Posted by: thedianestory | September 28, 2010

Craft Project – Picture Board

Finished Picture Board!

I have had a photo board hanging in my/mom’s home for several years. I usually rotate new pictures on it every few months as I am given them from friends or receive in the mail from family. Around Christmas time especially, I make it a blank slate for all the pictures received in cards.

My friend Joyce has always admired this picture board whenever she is at the house. She finally asked if I had seen any at a store because she would really like to have one. Well of course the one time I actually set out to find one, I couldn’t find them anywhere! Finally as college started the stores started having them again, but rather than ribbon going across them, there was this tiny, thin round elastic – that is so loose it wouldn’t keep the picture snug on the board. So when you put pictures on them they just slide down. Well, Joyce had purchased one anyway hoping it would work and when it didn’t, I told her I would re-do it for her with ribbon.

So, when we were at her house for mom’s birthday I spotted the board sitting there and Joyce told me to take it so I could re-do it for her. I came straight home and started it. It only took me about thirty minutes from start to finish and I had a ton of fun creating it for her. I like it so much with the fun ribbon on it, I think I am going to take mine off the wall and replace the ribbon on it (plain pearly white) with something  fun – perhaps purple polka-dots or something!

Anyway, Joyce has not seen the new finished product yet. I am hoping she likes it as much as I do! So that is September’s craft of the month. Now onto October!


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