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Singing at the Races – August 6, 2010

After Singing - Me with Mom

Many of you know that mom and I go to the races most every Friday night. Before the races start each week, the National Anthem is performed. A lady named Beth Miller, who is family to one of the local racers normally sings each week. She could not be here this week so things were different tonight.

I had just gotten to the races with mom, and went to sit with Joyce and Dave (family friends). I was about to sit down when the announcer came over the speaker and said that Beth couldn’t be there tonight and if someone was there who had experience who would be willing to sing, to please come up to the announcers booth. Normally when Beth isn’t there to sing, they just hook up the IPOD and play it so I didn’t understand why they just weren’t doing that. Well, I kind of looked up to see if anyone was going up there and my mom and Joyce were like “go for it, Diane. You have a great voice; you know you can do it…etc.” So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and headed up. When I got up there, one other girl had gone up too. She is in high school and is actually the niece of the normal lady who sings. So then the announcer was like “well should we flip a coin, how do I decide who sings now?” Well the other girl didn’t really want to do it if she didn’t have to so she was like “you can have it. Go for it.” The announcer told her he wanted her to sing next week but she said she doesn’t want to if her aunt is back. She was cute and sweet.  So, me it was!

When the other girl left, the announcer told me that he reloaded his IPOD this week and when he went to hook it up tonight to look for the song, he realized all of his National Anthem music got erased. So he had no way of playing the National Anthem, and Beth couldn’t be there, so he literally did not know what he was going to do. He said he didn’t really want to make a huge deal over the loud speaker because he didn’t want people fully understanding that if no one came up to sing, there was no National Anthem tonight. So he tried to just slip it in during the announcements and he was grateful I and the other girl heard it. The announcer was super nice and asked if I needed water or anything and got me all set. Literally five minutes later I was singing the National Anthem live, Acapella, in front of probably about 400 people.

I was super nervous and I know it showed a little bit, but for not having any notice or practice, I think I did well. The crowd was so supportive and as soon as I was done singing, the race fans in the stands clapped and cheered as I made my way down the Grand Stands from the announcer’s booth. Everyone was telling me what a good job I did and reaching out to shake my hand. Literally the rest of the night people stopped me every time I made my way to go to the snack bar or rest room to offer kind words to me, and some people even just made their way over to where I was sitting just to come shake my hand and say good job.

I write all of this, not to toot my own horn, but really to give the glory to God for a few reasons. For one, God is the one who blessed me with a good voice and I have always strived to use it to serve Him. Secondly, I have been struggling emotionally recently wondering “what on Earth am I here for,” and have just really needed something to remind me why I still exist and give me some confidence. It was awesome to use the voice God gave me again as I have not been in choir since high school and have not been able to sing on worship team at church for years. And it was a definite confidence booster to sing alone, Acapella in front of so many people. That was certainly a first, and it made me feel good. It was God who helped me step outside that comfort zone and make my way to say I could sing, and it is God who I served in doing so.

“I’ve got confidence…My Lord’s gonna see me through. No matter what the case may be…my Lord’s gonna fix it for me.” (A song I remember from church camp growing up that is near and dear to my heart.)


  1. That is so awesome, Diane! Yay! I wish I could have been there to hear. You’ll have to do an encore! 🙂

  2. That must have been such a rush! Proud of you!

  3. I would have LOVED to be there for that!

    Hey, our life-time friend Travis is at the races every Friday – I don’t know if he races or he pushes. I’ll have to ask AJ because I’m sure you’ve seen him!

    Love you Di!

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