Posted by: thedianestory | July 9, 2010

Little League + Windshields

Foul Ball!

The pic is small because I only took a pic on my phone, but I think you can figure out by the picture that a softball connected with my windshield!  As I mentioned in a previous post , my nephew plays little league. Because of my illness I had not attended many games this season. However the last month of his games I mustered up the energy to attend the last few games he played.

All was going well, his team was up by six points and we thought we had the game in the bag. The opposing team was up to bat and the player hits a foul ball. I saw it coming the moment he hit the ball – I saw the angle of that ball and knew it was going right for my windshield. I half-covered my eyes as I followed the ball flying through the air, thinking “nah, this couldn’t happen to me!” Two seconds later…*crash* as I hear all those around me gasp.

My sister was sitting next to me and I calmly said “that’s my car.” She spoke “no it’s not, you’re joking.” Unfortunately I was serious! I stayed calm realizing it is what it is and there is nothing I could do about it. You just have to take things as they come. I sent my niece to go take a picture with my phone (posted above) so I could check out the damage. It was a bummer and I will admit, slightly ruined my night, but I knew God would work the details out.

I called the next day to see about getting it replaced, finding out my deductible was only $100.00. That was better than the $250.00 I thought it was. Then Cascade Auto Glass said they would do it for only $ 60.00 because they would pay $40.00 of my deductible because of the value of the glass they get from my cracked windshield they would be replacing. I could handle that.  I thought I was a premier member of AAA which would have given me a $50.00 glass credit once per year, which meant I would get reimbursed $50.00 after sending them my repair slip. But when I went to check into it, I realized I am only a “plus” member and not “premier.” So that is a no go. It just so happens to be renewal time for my insurance so I am upgrading to the premier level now. It is only another $20.00 per year and I figure my nephew will be playing little league again which means the likelyhood of another window incident is possible, so I’d like to have to glass credit next time. I figure if I don’t upgrade and I have to have my windshield replaced again, I will be kicking myself, plus with the premier membership there are more benefits I may use as well, so it will be worth it. I had told my dad I was going to get reimbursed $50.00 from my insurance when I thought I had the premier membership and he decided I should haven’t have to even be out $10.00, so he was loving enough to send me $10.00 so I wouldn’t be out any money. Haven’t told him about the $50.00 not working out, but since he thought I shouldn’t be out any money, and now the $50.00 did not work, maybe he should – hmm….time for video chat so I can bat my eyelashes at my daddy and let him know I am out money! 🙂

Anyway, my windshield was fixed within 3 days and all is well in Diane’s Autoland again! I just remembered my nephew got accepted to the All-Stars team so games will be starting up here again soon. Stay tuned for more game day adventures!



  1. Just an idea…but you need to park farther away from the field. I know sometimes when you feel crappy its tempting to park a bit further away, but resist the urge. With the mens church games we’ve been going to I almost parked close one day….and remembered how expensive my glass would be. No fun. Glad it worked out to only $60.

    • Yes, trust me. I will park further away next time. I’ve learned my lesson. Jessica said last year, it seemed it didn’t matter where she parked…her car got hit three times! lol

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