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Health Update

July 7, 2010

Hi friends. I really am looking forward to creating posts that actually have pictures, but for now I have a health update that some people are awaiting.

I was scheduled to see my pain specialist in the afternoon, which is usually the best time for me to have appointments because mornings are especially hard on me due to pain. Recently I have not been sleeping well so my sleep hours have ended up being at any and all hours of the day. This is because I pretty much have been sleeping whenever my body would allow. Such was the case today. I was not really able to get decent rest until about 9am this morning. I had my alarm set for 12:45pm so I could wake up and get ready for my appointment.

When my alarm went off I awoke feeling really achy and sick and quite out of it. I put a phone call into my doctor’s office to see if perhaps I could come in tomorrow instead of today (my doctor comes up from Monterey two days a week). I got a hold of the receptionist in Monterey, not the doctor’s wife who usually answers the phone when they are in Chico and they switch the phone to the Chico office. Anyway, the receptionist from Monterey is not exactly my friend and for some reason always likes to give me grief. She was less than pleasant to say the least and I told her to just forget it, I would somehow drag my body up out of bed and make it to my appointment.

I slept for another hour and finally slowly rolled out of bed and crawled into a warm bath that my loving mother was kind enough to get ready for me. I soaked in the bath a bit trying to get movement in my body and finally did what I needed to do to get cleaned up and then hopped out of the tub, dried off, got dressed and raced to the doctor’s office, barely making my appointment time. All of that to then sit there for a good thirty minutes waiting to be seen. Luckily I had taken the current book I am reading so not all of my time was wasted. Anyway, finally the doctor came out to call me back.

He asked me the usual questions “how’s your pain been” “what else is new” and “what are you doing with your time”? I filled him in on my misery and how many days I have spent in bed in the last month and how even when I try to get away and do something fun I end up in bed for half the time, so why spend the money on a vacation to do nothing? The doctor then went on to talking about a procedure for pain relief that was mentioned as the last resort for treatment when I first started seeing him almost two years ago.  This is a neuropathic stimulator that helps with Chronic Pain. It is quite a scary procedure that I have not yet completely investigated. He gave me two sets of literature on it to review and we will discuss this at my next appointment in August. This procedure is pretty intense and serious because it involves putting a device up your spinal cord and implanting a device that controls electric impulses through the wire that runs along your spinal cord. The best way to describe it I guess is it is like a tens unit implanted inside you. Like I said, I have lots of research to do about it and will blog more specifically when I learn more.

Moving on, we then went over some lab work that I had drawn a few months back that for some reason we never discussed the results on. My rheumatoid factor is seriously off the charts. This is an indication that I have rheumatoid arthritis and would actually explain a ton of symptoms that I have been having that I just had not really complained about or mentioned to my doctor. I have had major joint pain recently which has gone along with how hard it has been for me to get moving and out of bed in the mornings. Recently when I awaken my elbows and knees and ankles just kill me. I go to move my arms and get tears in my eyes. I had not really mentioned it yet to anyone but was getting ready to make an appointment with my GP because I knew something wasn’t right. This explains that, along with many other symptoms.

My pain specialist is setting me up with a rheumatologist. He had asked me if there was a family history of R.A. and I told him I was not sure. Upon arriving home and discussing it with my mom I found out that my grandma (Dad’s mom) has R.A. So my mom called my grandma to ask some questions of the disease and find out what doctor she saw (she lived in Chico prior to now) so that I could possibly see the same one. My grandma then also told my mom that my grandpa suffered from this disease as well. So, it makes since that I could have it. Generally you don’t see people having this disease without someone else in their family having it. Anyway, it is a bit discouraging to be possibly diagnosed with another disease, but if I could get on some medication to help and it would help control some of the overall pain in my body, then maybe this is an answer to prayer and I could find some relief.

I will blog more as I find out more about the Nerve Stimulator treatment and when I am able to get in to a rheumatologist. Thanks friends for your love, kindness and encouragement. One person especially has been amazingly uplifting and encouraging to me in regards to my writing and finding my passion in it. Thank you for that – again, you know who you are. More than anything, ALL of you who care about me and show it are helping me walk this difficult road, allowing me to keep a smile on my face and give all the glory to our Lord and Creator.

Ephesians 3:20-21

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen”



  1. Love you Di! I hope this new discovery of the RA and getting on proper meds and treatment for that brings you some pain relief! Maybe this is the piece of the puzzle they’ve been looking for!

    • Love you too. Thanks sweetie!

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