Posted by: thedianestory | June 18, 2010

Health Update

June 17, 2010

I went to my GI doctor today to talk with him about my stomach. While my tummy has not ever gotten much better since my hospitalizations in the Fall, there have been improvements…until recently when things have been getting progressively worse. I have been unable to eat much and have been throwing up after eating more and more.

He is running labs to test my amylase and lypase levels, which show how the liver and pancreas are functioning. Then, this weekend I have to collect my urine for twenty-four hours, every hour to test for a rare blood disorder that causes the bloodflow to back-up and not flow properly to the gut, thus causing many of the symptoms I am having with the abdominal pain.

The doctor asked me what I thought was going on, since I know my body and have been through so much. I really think it is pancreatitis. I have every symptom and know where the pain is coming from. He said that my thoughts were really valid. He is a great doctor and really listened to what I had to say. He would ask questions trying to understand more, hoping to think of something that could help me.

So we will do the labs and see if they can point us in any direction. Dr. Kretschmar said the easiest thing to do would be to go back in and look at the stomach, but he really does not want to put me through anything we can avoid, since I have been through so much the last eight months. I go back for a follow-up appointment on June 24th; one week away.

Please pray for me friends. I know that God can heal me if he chooses. For whatever reason he has not healed me yet, and that is okay. I know God has a plan and I am His to use how he has planned. However, I would really love some relief from being so ill. Thanks for your prayers and support friends – you know who you are!



  1. I just went to the Dr. yesterday and I have to do one of those 24 hour pee tests also…Wierd. I am not having problems with my tummy though. We MUST chat soon.

    • That is so odd Vicki. You are not supposed to have health problems too! I want you to be able to be healthy. Yes, we need to chat asap!

  2. I hope they don’t have to do anymore procedures but if they will make you feel better than I guess that’s what’s best. Love you & I hope God heals you soon. His plans for us are hard to understand sometimes!

  3. Praying as always. Love you.

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