Posted by: thedianestory | June 16, 2010

Baseball Adventures

My nephew plays little league. I had written a post about that earlier. This week is the last week and then he will be playing on the all-stars team. I had not been able to make it to any of the games previously because of my health, but Monday night I made it to a game. Danny (My nephew) has two sibings, including one little sister. She was at the game and came running to me when she saw me walking up. It’d been awhile since she’d last seen me.

Analisa and Me

She is such a sweetheart, though already a bit of a diva too. 🙂

And Jessica, the kids’ mom, my sister was there of course. Lisa took a picture of us together since those come very few and far between.

Sisters 4 Life

My mom was there as well. Lisa picked flowers for her and wanted to put them in her hair. Mom did not want the pics posted online; but then I reminded her that if they were from her granddaughter then they were special and it didn’t matter how she looked. Mom says it looks like trumpets coming out of her head. lol

Mom with flowers

And of course the picture taking would not be complete without mom and Lisa getting a picture together.

Lisa and Mom

It was an exciting game. Danny’s team was making some really bad mistakes at first and this caused the other team to take the lead by a good amount. We really thought we were going to lose, which is crazy because they have won almost every game this season. But then, in the last inning they pulled it together and made an amazing double play and won the game by one run. Congrats Obacks, you rock!

The evening had gotten so tense the coach decided to use the free pizza party they had won earlier in the season that night, so the team went to pizza after the game to celebrate. Of all the games I was able to make I must say this had to be the best one to choose. Every other game my mom had attended had been called short because my nephew’s team was winning by so manyruns, the other team just forfeited and they called the game.

Danny Austin I am proud of you! Keep playing through the years and into highschool. Who knows, maybe it will lead to a college scholarship!



  1. Wow, what an exciting game! And, SUPER cute pictures!!

    Yo Chico is the yogurt shop we like. Check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

  2. No pictures of Danny? Analisa is SO big! Kids grow up so fast, it’s crazy! Danny will be in HS before we know it!

    • yep! He graduates from eighth grade May 2011. So crazy. And really he should have graduated this year but was held back in elementary. He will be 14 in August. So scary!

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