Posted by: thedianestory | June 12, 2010

Melting Some Stress Away

It was the night before my most recent surgery and I was feeling a bit stressed about the procedure. I’d slept all day, in pain and not wanting to face the world. Mom came home that evening and got me up. We decided I should get ready and we would go to dinner. I needed to make sure to eat since I could not eat after midnight that night, of course.

After dinner we were trying to decide what we wanted to do. Mom and I both love taking drives. I particularly love driving when the weather outside is cool – 70’s or early 80 degree weather, with a slight breeze. Around here, once summer hits the only time you even possibly get that nice temperature is dusk or very late once it is dark. I love it when the temp outside is perfect and it is evening time – the last two hours of daylight left. Those are my two very favorite conditions to drive in – when they both come at the same time, I say it’s time for a drive!

So I suggested to mom we go for a drive. I love taking the long-way out to Durham. So many trees all lush and green. So we headed out that way and just kept driving. We drove clear to Richvale. The further out in the country we got, the more I loved it. I could feel the stress lift on my shoulders. And God provided some pretty amazing views too.

Butte Mountains

The Butte Mountains were off in the distance and as I looked to my right I saw a gorgeous sunset. The Sunset just kept getting prettier as the evening went on. It was pretty spectacular.

Beautiful Sky

 As we were driving the train signals started going off alerting that a train was coming. We pulled off the road to watch the train – but it never seemed to come…until we pulled back onto the road and headed back from where we came. The train was going SO slow, and was one of the longer trains I have seen. Why had we pulled off the road to watch for the train, you ask? To get pictures of course! I don’t think I have ever taken pictures of trains before, so I wanted some pictures.

Driving back toward town, we decide to explore a bit and took a side road. It was gravel for quite a few miles, and then finally met back up with pavement and miles down, connected to our main highway. The side road provided some pretty scenery though. Green trees and rice fields all around. And so I kept snapping pictures so I could blog about my evening and you all could share in my country drive experience.

Rice fields

My dream one day is to live out in the country. I’d like to live far enough out to have peace and quiet, amazing scenery around me, and be able to leave my windows open without neighbors being able to walk by and leer in. However, I want to be within 30 or so minutes of the town so that when I desire some city life and need groceries it is not a crazy chore to do so. I desire to raise a family on a cute country piece of land – to have a house with a wrap-around porch and a white-picket fence around the yard. One can dream, can’t they? God does grant the desires of our hearts ya know.

One of my besties and I always wrote in each other’s year books every year about living next door to each other when we grew up, raising our families in cute houses with white picket fences. Who knows. Hasn’t happened yet, but there is still time. Who knows what God will do!

Well, that was my country-drive experience. Now, share with me what your dream house would entail. My comment section is awaiting your response!



  1. I miss Di chats…

  2. I would still love to do that, be neighbors some day and I still dream of my wrap around porch! Thanks for making me think about that again!

    • You are welcome. It is fun to dream about it from time to time! Love you bestie!

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