Posted by: thedianestory | June 5, 2010

Q Restaurant

Happy Birthday Diane!

This was actually the night before my birthday. Mom, Danny and I were in San Fransisco still and decided to go to dinner. My mom really enjoys the television show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” that airs on TLC. Shortly before we were leaving for San Fransisco I had caught an episode that featured places in San Fransisco. So, as a surprise to mom, I arranged to have dinner at one of the restaurants featured.

The name of the place we went to was “Q.” It is in the Richmond district of S.F. and is kinda a “funky American Grill.” Their menu features a wide array of foods, but probably only has about 15 or so dishes to choose from + sides and appetizers.

Mom's meal

Mom chose a New York Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Garlic Spinich.

Danny's meal

My brother chose a Flank Steak with a Burgandy Wine Sauce, Mashed Yams and Vegetables.

My meal!

I chose the good ol’ comfort food – Mac and Cheese, with a twist. It was topped with Tator Tots and the sauce had a tomato-tasting base.

Of course we all shared our meals so we could try the different dishes.

When they brought us our check (why do we call it a check, when it is a bill?) this is what they brought with it instead of mints:

Frooties - Green Apple

They are like fruit-flavored tootsie-rolls. Not so impressed. I remember getting these growing up at the Penny Candy Store in Live Oak. All three of us left them on the table.

As pictured in the first pic on this blog, the walls next to the tables are magnetic and they put alphabet letters on the wall. We had fun arranging them to wish me a Happy Birthday.

"Hey that's Me!"


Happy BDay Diane in SF

The trip would not have been complete without a picture or two in front of the restaurant.

What Fun!

And another…

This is my favorite one

And one more for good measure…

Mom enjoyed this adventure!

So we all enjoyed venturing into a part of the city we would not have otherwise seen. I can’t say I was overly impressed with the restaurant. It was kind of dark. Our waitor did not even wish me a Happy Birthday when it was clearly magneted on our wall…although another waitor walking by noticed and said Happy Birthday. The food was decent. I can’t say it was “out of this world” or anything like that, but we enjoyed ourselves none the less.

I must say though, after going to a restaurant that was featured on the show, I think the clips on the show are a little hyped up. Things that were featured on the show were not even evident in the restaurant. So who knows. I guess I need to go to another restaurant featured before I make my mind up about the show. I know my friend Sarah has been to a place in Sacramento that was featured – what do you think about how it stood out verses what was said on the show, Sarah?

All in all, we had a fun evening with a new experience. It was awesome getting to bless my mom with a fun adventure. She so deserves it. Love you mom and I hope you enjoyed the experience!


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