Posted by: thedianestory | May 20, 2010

Britex Fabric – A No Go + Baseball Adventures!


This is me, yesterday, in front of Britex Fabrics. This is also me right in front of a lovely fabric store that I DID NOT GET TO GO INTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother and I were walking to a restaurant to meet his co-workers for drinks (non-alcoholic for me) before going to an Oakland A’s game. We had just enough time to make it to the restaurant in time to meet up with everyone, grab a drink and then catch the Bart to the the game. I had no clue the restaurant we were going to meet up at or the BART station we were catching the train at was anywhere near this store or else I would have suggested leaving earlier to the meet-up so I could have perused the clearance fabric and buttons section at this store – since all the normal priced fabrics are way out of my price league!

Siblings - Together Again!

Here my brother and I are on the BART together heading into the game!

Right by the field!

We had awesome seats, just ten rows up from the field. It was a good game, even though the A’s lost. They were playing the Detroit Tigers. My brother is from Michigan so it didn’t really matter to him who won since his state’s team was the other team. The score was 5-1.

In our Oakland A's Shirts!

I don’t really care for the pic above, cause I think it makes me look fat, but Danny’s co-worker suggested we put on our shirts (that we got for free) and take a pic in them. The first 15,000 people to the game were given free shirts. Of course it is a size XL so they don’t really fit. I tried to tie it in the back so it didn’t look so huge, but I still think it made me look terrible, not to mention the pose is not so great. Oh well, live and learn!

Danny and I had a good time together and that is what counted! This was the second A’s game I’ve been to ever, so it was fun. Next week we are planning to go see the Giants play the Washington Nationals. My mom will be here to join us for that!

Keep checking back for more adventures in the city! Until then…Have a great weekend!



  1. You are SO funny.

    • Why thank you…maybe? Who put this?

  2. Looks like fun friend!
    Thanks Lord, for brothers:-)

    love you.

    • Brothers are the best, I must say! And I love you too. Thanks for commenting. I always love seeing some love from you!

  3. The anonymous comment was mine! Grr. My comments aren’t posting properly. Now maybe.

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