Posted by: thedianestory | March 25, 2010

Friends That Warm My Heart

Me, Analene, Bryce and Carolina

Analene is the older sister to my dear friend Molly. Molly had mentioned a couple years back that her sister had a blog that she thought I may enjoy. She sent me the link and I was quickly hooked. She had five adorable love bugs at that point and a heart for Jesus like I have rarely seen in my life.

We started corresponding through our blog comment features and then began sharing emails. Finally at a very difficult point in my life, the betrayal of my husband, she reached out and asked if she could call me. I accepted her offer and our relationship blossomed from there. Analene has a heart of gold and has helped me walk the hard road these past fourteen months. She and her husband had and still have so much wisdom that they share with me and greatly influenced how I dealt with the circumstances I’ve faced since December 2008. When I think about Analene the song “What a friend I’ve found in Jesus” comes to mind. What a friend I’ve found in Analene, who to me, mirrors the heart of Jesus. She is not perfect, nor does she claim to be, but I can tell you that I feel my Father’s love from her when I am with her.

Hmm. Well all that came from the heart. None of those details were my point to this post, but they fit. My point is I was able to get a pic with Analene and the newest love bug (baby Bryce) and youngest love bug-girl (Carolina), because they are here visiting for a few weeks. I was blessed enough to get to see them the day after they arrived! She even let me hold that precious baby boy…and I could just love all over him for days! So precious.

Anyway, I am blessed to call this lady my friend. Thank you for who you are. I am a better person for knowing you!



  1. I am so thankful that God has given you good friends that can advise you in the right way, with the right heart and the right intentions! She sounds like a lovely woman and a good confidant! Miss you!

    • Thanks for commenting Sara. Analene met Sarah at my bday last year and over blogging. You should check out her blog – Momma Bug on my list, and comment her and get to know her. She would follow your blog too if you invited her and the two of you got to know each other through the blogs. Trust me, she knows of you cause I talk about you all the time with her.
      I miss you and miss you being close so you can support me through life, but I am blessed with the few relationships God has given me in between to lift me up. No one relaces your childhood friends though.
      Love you so much Sara.

  2. Analene has the gift of Charity down to an art, her pure love of Christ shows through all she says and does. This is the best kind of friend.

    • I believe we could all take a lesson from the Woman that Analene is. She is still talking about holding us to our word of a trip this summer miss Sarah! lol We will see where the Lord leads over the next few months for us all.

  3. Wow! How sis I miss such a humbling post?!
    Thank you dearest of Diane’s…
    Thank you for being a true friend to me too:-)

    Thanks you Sara(h)-girls!

    The Lord has been gracious.

    Love you miss Diane, LOTS!


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