Posted by: thedianestory | March 22, 2010

The Zac Brown Band

My good friend Daniel from college loves this band. When he heard two or three months ago that they were going to be playing in a city near us, he told me he was getting a group of tickets and we were going. That sounded great, but beings that I was still sick and had no idea how I would be March 11, when the concert was I wasn’t sure I’d really be able to go.

Well the week of the eleventh came and Daniel had my ticket for me, but I had to figure out how to get down there. Then a dear friend/sister offered to drive me down and she would hang out with a friend in the area while I attended the concert. When I told Daniel of these plans, he was super sweet and offered for her to come along as well. So it was super exciting! Sam and I had really never done an outing like this just the two of us girls so it was a rockin evening!

Me and Samantha!

Sam and I kept trying to get a picture of the two of us in our seats. Daniel’s friend Erica kept trying to take a pic of us. This is Daniel being funny, thus ruining the best pic we got of me and Samantha!

Bunny Ears!

The concert was fun. It was a bit more laid back than we expected a country concert to be. There were about 7,000 people there. The concert was inside, which made the environment quite different from most country concerts both Sam and I have been to. We drove back to town the same evening so it made for a long night, but was worth having fun with a group of friends and getting away from it all for an one night.

Thanks again Daniel for taking us. We had a blast!



  1. looks like a good time

  2. I Loved this night!!

    • It was awesome! A much needed break from Chico!

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