Posted by: thedianestory | March 14, 2010

Target Deal – March 2010


Two boxes of Wheat Thins

Four packages of Party Mix cat treats

Three rolls of floss

Two full-size bottles of Gillette Shower Gel

Two trial-size Gillette Sport Deodorent

Two Johnson & Johnson Buddy Bar Soaps

I don’t have the exact breakdown of everything but the total started out at around $28.00. After coupons my total was only $1.84. Now how is that for a deal?



  1. Holy Crud!

  2. That’s awesome but I like when you explain how you did it 🙂

  3. May I ask why you bought men’s shower gel? lol 🙂

    • well, I do have a brother that I mail stuff to, and also use as Christmas presents. Also, the fact that they were free makes me get them! Anything free I take. Then I donate it to charity or give it to other friends who I know are struggling in the economic times as well. Turns out my mom’s bestfriend’s husband loves the shower gel and deodorant I got. I gave him one of each to try. So I am going to give him the rest now too. They are having it rough right now so it helps them out. I love being able to help others around me with the deals I get as well!

      So, there is my answer! lol

  4. WOW!! you got the shower gel for free!! That’s so great. Now that my son is living with me any deal like that would be a huge help!

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