Posted by: thedianestory | March 14, 2010

My Precious Snowball – April 19, 1994 – February 20, 2010

In her tent!

It has taken me some time to blog about the loss of my best pet friend because it hit me so hard. She had been completely healthy one day and then woke up one morning with a cold. I took her to the vet four days into her cold and the vet said she had an upper respitory infection. He gave her antibitotics and said she’d be fine. Well her congestion got better but she got weaker and weaker and started bleeding from the mouth. I could not tell what was causing the bleeding.

Within two days she could not even stand and had stopped eating and drinking. Her body felt very cold, like there was no warm life in her. I took her back to the vet on February 20th, and she had lost four pounds and her body temperature was down to 94 degrees. Normal cat temp. is 102-104. The bleeding was coming from an abcessed tooth but they also thought there may have been a tumor under that tooth as well. The vet said they could run lab work and try to figure out what was wrong but because of the type of labs needing run they would have to out-source them and it would take over a week to get the labs back. Snowball would need to be on IV’s and warmers that whole time and they were not sure she would even make it with how sick she was. They advised me it may be best to let her go. She had lived a long life.

I got Snowball when I was in the sixth grade. She had been through everything with me. She slept on my pillow by my head every night. She was my best pet friend. I could always talk to her. She was loyal and loving and made me so happy. But I could not let her suffer. The life in her was already gone. She was not very responsive anymore. It was so hard to see her so sick. This was such a shock because she had been so healthy literally ten days before. I had bought her new toys and we had spent an evening playing. Then suddenly things changed overnight.

I had the choice to get her ashes or have her spread with other cats that died around the same time. Some may think it crazy but I chose to get her ashes. She now sits in my room in a beautiful redwood box. There is a place for a picture on the front of the box and I just need to find the perfect picture to put on it. I had Snowball living with me more years than not, so this loss has been hard. She will always be remembered.

Asleep on MY pillow!



  1. I still can’t believe that she lived to almost 16 years old. Thats just mind boggling to me. She lived a very happy kitty life and I’m glad to know shes been there for you for so long. She will be missed.

  2. I feel so silly for crying while reading this post but I feel your pain, she was a great pet. Loosing a pet family member is similar to loosing a human one. It’s still a hard loss. But Sarah is right, 16 years is a long cat lifetime and I am glad she was around for you when I wasn’t able to be for so many years.

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