Posted by: thedianestory | February 19, 2010

Walgreen’s and CVS Mega Deals!

Walgreen's Loot lol

Walgreen’s often has deals on items where you pay a certain price and then get Register Rewards back. Register Rewards are basically Walgreen’s Cash for you to use on your next purchase. Last week I did my shopping on Friday because I also had 15% off the whole day for a Friends and Family day they were having. I spent $22.89 with $5.00 Register Rewards leftover and got the following products:

1 Venus Spa Breeze Razor with 2 cartridges

1 Olay Body Wash

1 Valentine Pencil

1 Pooh Bear Sticker Booklet

8 3 Musketeer Bars

2 Milky Way Dark Chocolate Bars

1 12.6oz bottle of Joy Dish Soap

2 Boxes Quaker Instant Oatmeal (10 pack)

7 20ct. Boxes of Tylenol Cold

2 Boxes 6 Packet Theraflu

1 6.4oz Crest Toothpaste

1 Box 30 packet Joint Juice

2 4oz boxes of Ritz Crackers

How did I get these awesome deals you ask? Coupons! You can pair a manufacturers coupon with a store coupon to get amazing deals. You can find all the detailed instructions for shopping at many different stores over at Common Sense with Money. She has been typing up shopping guides for each store this week. She also puts links to coupons that you can print out and gives all the details for deals each week.

You should pick one store to start out with so that you do not get overwhelmed. I currently shop at Walgreens and CVS. I hope to add Rite Aid to my shopping deals soon. It does cost money out of pocket to begin with, but once you have been playing the game for awhile, you will be shopping on the store’s dime. Sometimes I roll my store credit from week to week, and sometimes I use it on products I need that week and then start over earning the store credit the following week. You really will be amazed at all the free product you can get.

Next, here is my CVS Deals:

Awesome Deals for Cheap!

Like Walgreens, CVS has store money as well called Extra Care Bucks or ECB’s. For this deal I spent $6.84 with $5.00 ECB’s leftover. I got the following:

3 12oz boxes of Ritz Crackers

2 8oz boxes of Wheat Thins

1 Gillette Fusion Razor with 1 extra cartridge

2 Reach Total Care Floss

4 Nivea Lip Moisturizers

3 packs Trident Layers Gum

2 3.14 Packs M&M’s

Any questions? Let me know. I am going to try to post more deals as I get them. I have just been slow posting lately as I have not been feeling the greatest which has led to not feeling like being on the computer very much. However, I am really all about getting awesome deals and would love to help you get started. Let me know what you decide to do…try it…it’s addicting! lol I love getting products in the house that I need and use and can also share with friends, for a fraction of the cost!



  1. wow, you really like Ritz, don’t you?? lol. pretty awesome deals you got there!

  2. Great job Di! Keep it up! And thanks for sharing. I hope to take advantage of deals like this as soon as I get ink in my printer!

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