Posted by: thedianestory | February 9, 2010

Today’s Randoms

February 8, 2010

Nothing too exciting to post about recently, really. I had a doctors appointment today. Nothing really to write home about. No new treatments or anything, just checking tabs on me really, and getting blood work done to test for that immunological disorder I mentioned a bit ago. Although today my doctor did tell me to get a plastic baseball bat and beat a pillow every day for fifteen minutes. I kinda laughed at him and he told me he meant it – that they’ve done studies about how this helps and how I need to work through the anger and hurt I have built up inside of me. I told this doctor today for the first time about my divorce and the grueling details of it that I don’t discuss openly on here. Needless to say, my doctor was less than pleased, being that he’s been my doc since I started dating my husband and he didn’t know until today. His heart broke for me. He knows just what marriage means/meant to me. Anyway, it is certainly interesting when a new person discovers my pain all over again. Almost too much for words.

My sister-like friend took me to my appointment today and we had her twenty-month old son with us. A new experience dragging a toddler to two doctor’s offices with me. He did amazingly well and I was very proud of him. I treated him to lunch out for being a good boy – and then he pretty much refused to eat his food! lol Par for the course I guess.

Thank you Samantha for driving me around and putting up with me post-blood draw with no food for 12 hours. 🙂 You know you love me. Oh, and thanks for the shirt…and not letting me wear your sweatshirt because you “don’t wear sweaters”…someday I will get you back. lol We should have gotten pictures of that!

Anyway, that is my day in a nutshell. Yes, I do lead an exciting life, don’t I?



  1. Thank you Sammy for taking care of my friend! It makes me feel better about being so far away knowing she has a person like you that she can count on!

  2. Sounds like as good of a day as a doctor’s appt can be. What a great friend! 🙂

    I never thought of that, but you’re doctor is probably right- I know that anger, hurt, etc can affect your body. I know it does me. Have you given the pillow thing a try? haha

    • Hi Morgan! Thanks for commenting. I miss you! I will say I am not very good about working through my anger. It is just a hard thing to do. Love ya.

  3. Di, I love you and I will always be here for you. Even when you don’t eat all day. I know I’m a brat, LOL, but you love me.

    Sara, I am more then happy to do it. Specially if it makes her better, well that is what we are all praying and hoping for!

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