Posted by: thedianestory | January 28, 2010

Finally – A Duvet Cover

January 27, 2010

Blue Duvet Cover from IKEA

I’ve had a down comforter for awhile now, but never had a duvet cover on it. You can only dry clean this blanket so using it without a cover is not exactly the smartest thing in the world. But, I just never wanted to spend the extra money on a duvet. However, after dry cleaning it fairly recently and then my cat getting sick on it, forcing me to clean it AGAIN…I started searching for an inexpensive duvet. I had found one online for $30.00 and had planned on ordering it. Life happened and I never got it ordered. Alas, I arrived at IKEA last week with my bestie Sara and found that they sold duvet covers in an array of prices, colors and materials. I will admit there was a purple duvet there that I would have loved but it was $60.00 and I can’t afford to pay that price. So I settled for one that I liked and found this blue one. I liked the price even more…$25.00! Can’t beat that.

My mom and I went back to IKEA on our way home from her picking me up in Fresno. I showed her the duvet I had picked out and she was nice enough to purchase the matching sheets for it. So tonight I sit in my nice clean bed, freshly washed linens, all matching, sheets, duvet cover and pillow shams. I must say I feel pretty special at the moment. Finally something fun to blog about!

I go back to the doctor in the morning, so be looking for a health update blog tomorrow! Until then…nite friends!



  1. That was really nice of your mom! A comfy bed is so nice to come home to! Glad you are happy with your choice.

  2. The girls sheets and pillowcases and duvets are all from Ikea. I love the sheets they picked. So soft.

    • Yes I’m impressed with the softness!

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