Posted by: thedianestory | January 26, 2010

Another Glimpse of Christmas Vacation

Yes, I know it is almost the end of January and I am writing another post about Christmas Vacation. The thing is, I am just so far behind on blogging that there are so many things I wanted to share and document on this blog that I have not gotten around to. So you will have to humor me and indulge in my catch-up posts. This blog really is as much a diary of sorts for me as it is a way to communicate with my family and friends the happenings in my life.

Another highlight over my Christmas trip to Minnesota was getting to see my Aunt and Uncle and Cousin and his family that I do not see often and that I had not seen  in a few years. They live in Iowa, but were able to travel the couple hours up to Rochester to see us. It was a half-way point for all of us. Just a quick blog to post this pic. Here I am with all the family!

Of course I was holding the baby!

I love you Knoll Family and wish I could see you more. Thanks for traveling to see us. I know we all enjoyed our time with you!



  1. Love that you’re always holding the babies. You’re so cute!

    • Thanks Morgan. I love getting baby time!

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