Posted by: thedianestory | January 13, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009

January 13, 2010

We arrived in Minnesota late Christmas Eve night. Mom and I got to the airport first, and then had to wait two hours for my brother and his fiance to fly in to the same airport. Then once they got there, Elika’s parents picked all of us up. So, mom and I got to the house we were staying at around 1:30am I believe. We got settled in and got to sleep probably around 3am. Since it was late and we were all tired, it was decided we would all probably sleep in and mom and I would call when we were ready to be picked up. So, Danny and Elika and her dad picked us up around noon on Christmas. When we got to their house, mom and I had some presents we needed to wrap.

Christmas Elves!

Danny came down to try to snoop, covering it up by saying was just “taking pictures” of mom and I.

Merry Christmas!

After wrapping presents I went upstairs to get pictures of the Christmas Tree. Mom and I did not get a tree put up at our house this year, so this tree would serve as my Christmas Tree this year. I couldn’t imagine not having tree pictures for Christmas 2009!

The tree was beautiful!

Then I got some pictures of the two love-birds!

Aren't They Adorable!?

Then we opened some presents…

Group-shot during gift time!

Elika opened her present from mom and I…

Ruby Necklace, can you see it?

Her favorite color is red. Since she is officially becoming part of the family now, mom and I wanted to get her an extra special gift. So we picked out this very nice necklace. She seemed to love it! That makes us happy.

After presents were opened, we moved onto “supper.” It always cracks me up to be in the mid-west, where “dinner” is called “supper” and “soda” is called “pop.” This evening dinner turned into the engagement toast for Danny and Elika. I was bummed I didn’t know because I didn’t have their engagement card with me! That’s okay though, they got it later.

We toasted with champagne.

Only the best!

And did a little dance…

Happy Engagement Dance!

We had dinner and then played games the rest of the evening. Many of us got games as presents. Including Dutch Blitz, which is the game that brought Danny and Elika together, and how Danny proposed to Elika…

Will You Marry Me?

Forgot to mention that this was my first White Christmas!

See the snow outside?

We all had a great Christmas 2009. I was very happy I got to spend Christmas with my brother afterall!

I love him!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


  1. Sounds like a very nice day! Glad you two weren’t alone!

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