Posted by: thedianestory | January 9, 2010

Christmas in Minnesota

January 9, 2010

Well as promised I am now explaining the picture of me in the snow. My brother got engaged, as you saw in the previous post on December 19, 2009. He was planning on spending Christmas in Minnesota with his fiance which meant he would not be home for Christmas this year. With me being ill, mom and I had not made any plans for Christmas so we were planning on just staying home and having a quiet Christmas, just the two of us. Well just a couple days before Danny got engaged mom and I randomly got invited by some friends in Minnesota to spend Christmas with them. When we realized they lived only 40 minutes from where Danny would be, we thought it’d be kind of weird to be back there so close to him but not see him. So, we talked to him and told him that we would like to see him if we were going to be back there.

Fast forward a couple days and Danny ended up engaged. Then Elika started talking about wishing mom and I could be out there to go wedding dress shopping with her and her mom. So, Danny and Elika ended up talking to her parents about mom and I being out there, and her family graciously invited us to spend the holidays with them as well. Elika’s brother let us stay at a house he had bought to flip, but is not sold yet, so that we were not all crowded in one house. So, mom and I flew to Minnesota and spent Christmas and New Year’s with Elika and Danny and Elika’s family.

Elika’s family is super sweet and we could not ask for a better family for Danny to marry into. We had an amazing time! Here are some pictures from our trip!


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