Posted by: thedianestory | January 8, 2010

Today’s Doctor’s Appointment

January 7, 2010

I had my follow-up appointment with my GI doctor today. I was supposed to see him in December, but the day I had my appointment I was too sick to even get out of bed, so it got moved to today. Anyway, this doctor is super nice, but is at a loss at how to help me anymore. Once again he said I’ve had tests done that most people never have done and that nothing is pointing at any answers. He says obviously my brain is processing pain signals from my gut that most people would not even be sensitive too. My gut is just really sensitive to pain receptors right now. His advice is to follow some dietary guidelines that would give my gut the best chance at functioning the best it can. These guidelines are to eat from the earth, avoid meat and processed foods and bad fats. Our bodies were made to process the food from the earth, and not so much of the processed foods we as Americans indulge in. This makes sense to me because it has been that fruits do not seem to hurt my tummy. I have been able to eat tons of fruit without pain. So I think he may be onto something.

So this doctor had prayer with me once again and told me how proud of me he was for my faith, and my efforts in pushing through all of this I’ve gone through and making the best of it. I do not see him again unless I feel like he can do something that I think of and call him. It is kind of frustrating to be released from doctors care without answers. My general doctor basically said the same thing last time I saw him too. So now my pain specialist and OB/GYN are the only ones following up with me still and they are not the tummy specialists! Kind of crazy.

The basic update on me is that I am able to eat small amounts of food at a time now without throwing up. I have not puked in awhile now. These are huge praises. I do however have horrible stomach pain most days still and can be bed-ridden in minutes without notice. One day over Christmas Break I was suddenly dizzy and gasping for air within seconds of having felt fine. I just had to go to bed the rest of the day after that. Some days I wake up and my entire body hurts so bad I can hardly move and have no energy. Those days I end up sleeping all day. I am still on heave doses of pain medication, which make me unable to drive still. I have not driven in nearly four months. It is so weird! Hard to be my age and not be able to be independent.

Next week I see my OB/GYN and my Pain Specialist. I will write then and update everyone on what they have to say. For now please continue to pray for the pain to lesson and for me to gain my strength again. I really want to get back to fulfilling a life’s purpose. Thank you all who have been supporting me. I cherish my friends and family.

Blogs to explain this picture to come later!



  1. Thanks for the health update…cant wait to see you and hear about your trip. Love this pick. You always look pretty in blue!

    • Thanks Vicki. You are always so encouraging to me. Can’t wait to do dinner! Love ya.

  2. its really bad to hear about you god bless you and try to avoid processed food as much as you can and do yoga might it help you

    • thanks for stopping by my blog. much appreciated.

  3. LOVE seeing you in the snow. Good update too.

    • well there will be so many more pics where those came from. I had a great time!

  4. Pretty picture. Wish there were more answers and more relief of pain. But I am glad you are trooping through it and trying to get out of the house even though you may regret it later. Can’t wait for me visit!

    • can’t wait for your visit either Sara, but I wish I could be there with you and Sarah and have time with both of you.

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