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Clearing up Some Confusion – My Health

December 7, 2009

Hello friends and fellow bloggers! Apparentely my last health update led to some confusion about whether or not I am better or still ill, so I was told some clarity on my situation might help people know how to continue to pray.

My pelvic pain is overall better. The endometriosis that they found during surgery was causing a significant amount of my pelvic pain, so I have had very little pelvic pain since surgery. Hopefully this continues. I have some pelvic pain occasionally still due to the bladder disease I have, interstitial cystitis. This disease can cause dibilitating amounts of pain so some days my pelvic pain can be bad because of this. I have noticed an improvement though, since surgery and getting rid of the endo.

My stomach however, is not healed. The doctors still do not know what is causing this. I saw my family doctor last week and he put me on a new medication, hoping it will help with the stomach pain. So far I have not noticed a difference. I am able to keep small amounts of food down, but still the majority of my nutrition and caloric intake come from drinking Ensure. You have no idea how sick of vanilla Ensure I am! Yes they make other flavors but vanilla is the only one my stomach seems to digest. Right now I can not intake anything chocolate as my stomach refuses to digest chocolate.

My stomach hurts 90% of the time. It does hurt worse when I eat, but that pain is just increased from what I was already feeling. I am also having a horrible time with nausea. I have a prescription for nausea meds that help me get through these nausea spells. I am assuming that some people think I am better because I have begun to do a few things again. Don’t be fooled, I am still in incredible pain and am not able to eat what a normal person can. However, I have decided to see how much of the pain I can push through and at least do a few things that normal people do. I went to church yesterday and it was SO nice being able to be part of worship again. How I have missed the fellowship with people. For example though, I got home from church at 3:30. I layed down at 4pm and did not wake up until 11am this morning. My body was completely wiped of energy just from church and having lunch with friends after.

So, please keep praying for my stomach friends. I am checking into alternative forms of healthcare right now. Acupuncture, homeopathy, accupressure, chiropractic – just to name a few. I am looking for anything that can help me get better at this point.

To all my friends and family – thank you so much for your love and support.

To the friends of my brothers, who I am priveledged to call friends as well – thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and ongoing support. You have no idea how much it means to me when my brother calls me and tells me many of you have asked how I am doing and are continuing to pray. It touches my life.

And to my blogging friends who keep me in prayer, thank you as well!

May you all be blessed,



  1. It is a road to recovery just take it day by day. Sorry to hear that you can’t enjoy food and eating. I am sure that Ensure it not sooo good after weeks of drinking it. Always thinking about you and hoping we can get together again soon. Miss ya! ❤ Hugs!

  2. Thanks Vicki! I’d love to see you too. Let me know when you want to come by. I still can’t drive so you have to come to me. But you are welcome anytime. The girls too. I miss them! Thanks for always encouraging me.

  3. Did people really think you were fine all the sudden? I cannot imagine how sick of Ensure you must be. They made me drink it at UC Davis when I was there…and luckily one of my nurses taught me that putting it over crushed ice and drinking it through a straw helped. Doesn’t change the taste…but it helped. Have you tried strawberry?

    • Yes, apparently quite a few people thought I was fine from my last post. I’m not sure how, but that is my understanding, so I had to clear that up. I have tried strawberry Ensure. I’ve never been a fan of strawberry milk and that is what it tastes like, so I don’t like it at all. If the Ensure is super cold it is not so bad. For two of my tests I had to drink it during the tests and they gave it to me warm…SO disgusting. I don’t mind it so much super cold, but the taste is beginning to wear on me. Thanks for commenting. Love you.

  4. facebook doesn’t tell me half the time when you post updates! i’m sorry you’re still feeling so badly. yes, i did think you were starting to feel better. praise the Lord though that you’re having a bit less pelvic pain. i am calling you after finals are over on the 18th. i am marching over there and pounding down the door! it’s been wayyy too long! love you soooo much!

    • I love you so much too, Fallon. Can’t wait to see you.

  5. Hi Diane, I have never tried blogging before but it looks interesting. I may have to investigate starting a blog for my family. I can’t believe that people would think that you were well so quickly and suddenly like that.
    I just look for signs of improvement as a blessing. I have seen improvement but your stomach and head tell me that there is a long way to go.
    I still wish I could trade you places. You are young with so much potential. I am old, fat and less useful to myself and others than I probably should be. It just doesn’t seem right. I pray for you every morning when I first wake up. I also check for updates by or about you every morning so I can pray more intelligently through the day. I try and stop and pray for you every day at 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 6:00 and right before I go to bed.
    I wish there was more I could do for you but for now this is all I know to do. I hope to come out there this spring or summer. I would consider it a priviledge to be able to talk with you for a few minutes and pray with you a little bit. Vonnie might want to come too. We will have to see what happens though. Please take care and know that you are prayed for daily. God bless you. Your attitude is amazing and you are an inspiriation to many people.

    • Virgil, I appreciate the prayers. It is more than enough. And we can for sure find time to chat if you make it out here. Just let me know!

  6. She eats poison mushrooms.

  7. Di, I am glad that your pelvic pain is subsiding some. I also had terrible endometriosis when they did my hysterectomy in 1997. They took all the plumbing out though. I also had tumors on my ovaries the size of guinea eggs. I know you still have pain from your bladder. I to have started to get up and try to do “normal activities”. Some days its like taking 10 steps forward, YEAH, then by the end of the day, it fells like I have suddenly taken 15 steps back. I havent tried the Ensure again, but maybe I will. Like you, I have to have them very, very cold before I can down them. Since I have problems eating real food, it seems to be my only option. I am going to start going to church with Dian this Sunday. It will be a new thing for me because I was raised a Baptist in the South back East. However, I am at a point that I just want to get back into a church so I can be surrounded by the Lords love and his people. I was happy in my last church back home. I was very active. Hopefully I can become active in Dian’s church as well. I pray for you every night. Please pray for me as I have to go to SF on the 16th for another procedure in which they try to block the celiac plexus nerve which regulates the pain in the abdomen. It didn’t work on the 20th of October due to a very stressful phone call that I received right out of the recovery room. Sp please pray that this procedure works and I can then proceed with the 4 hour gastric emptying study that I was supposed to have done months ago. Love Ya Di.

    • Hey Sherrie, I will send you a message on FB so I am sure you get it. You are in my prayers as well. Thanks for keeping me in yours. It is greatly appreciated.

  8. I’m glad your pain is a little bit better. I hope they can figure out your other pain though. 😦 I know how you feel about the ensure. I had to drink that stuff for about 5 months. It gets really old. I got to the point I had to just zone out and drink it. Just somehow, get it down, to keep my body functioning. Love you.

  9. Can you digest ice cream? Maybe you could improve upon the taste by blending it with ice, ice cream, berries or a banana. Hope something helps soon so you can eat more. You are in my prayers daily. Miss you so much and call me when you know more about what we talked about the other day and I will call you if Marcus’ work situation takes a bad turn. Love you!

    • No, unfortunately ice cream makes me sick right now. I also just found out that Ensure has soy it. Oh ya, you were on the phone when I found that out. So, now I have to try to get off the Ensure too. Loverly! I see all my doctors next week so we will see what they say. I love you Sara!

  10. Well, I am glad to hear that some of your pain has gone, but not so glad to hear that you are still suffering so much. When I had hepatitis there were very few things that I could eat and I remember how I craved so many other things. I feel for you! We pray for you just about every night and will continue to do so. The Father is looking out for you and desires for you to be well.
    Take care . . .

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