Posted by: thedianestory | November 28, 2009

Post-Surgery Update

November 28, 2009

Hello dear blog readers. Sorry it has taken me some time to get an update written after surgery. It has been a crazy week and my energy is still low. Let me see if I can take you through my week…

I had surgery on Monday, November 23, 2009. I went in for a laporoscopic exploratory surgery. They went in to investigate my pelvic pain and my stomach pain, along with nausea and vomiting. They also did a cystoscopy to treat my bladder disease that I have. Surgery lasted about one hour. The doctor did find four spots of endometriosis that was located deep in the pelvic area below my intestines. He was shocked to find this endometriosis because I had a hysterectomy in 2006 which means that endo really should not grow. The only way for it to continue to grow is from the hormone replacement therapy I am. The estrogen can feed any remnants of endo that were deep in the pelvic tissues still. It appears that this is what happened. My doctor was blown away to find this. I wasn’t so suprised because I knew the pain I was having felt like my pain I always experienced from endo. Anyway, finding the endometriosis explains my pelvic pain, but not the stomach pain. The doctor looked further up in my abdomen around where the gallbladder was to see if he could find adhesions or anything that would explain pain, but he did not find anything. So coming out of surgery it was discouraging to know that there still was no answer for my stomach pain.

I was put on clear liquids for two days after surgery and then slowly started introducing things like Ensure and broth and soup back into my body. I am on pancreatic enzymes to aid in my digestion as well, so I took those before drinking Ensure or eating soup, even though both of those are not exactly “food.” I wanted to give my body the best chance it can have. Anyway, suddenly when starting to eat these things my stomach did not hurt. So I started introducing a few bites of real food, like pasta, into my body. No pain, and no vomiting. This was awesome. This lasted for about 1.5 days and then my stomach started to get sensitive to food again. I am still able to eat, but it is causing some pain and nausea. I have not thrown up still though, so that is still a positive. We need to pray that the pain and nausea subside and that my stomach continues to heal and that the Great Physician, who is God heals me completely.

During surgery the doctors elected to do a Spinal Block to help control pain and to keep the nerves from flaring up and firing misguided pain signals. This helped tremendously. I woke up in no pain at all. Usually after surgeries I wake up hurting pretty bad. This was a huge blessing. I was kept in the hospital the first day and released the next morning. I believe this also made a huge difference because by Monday evening when the pain did begin to flare, the nurses were able to control the pain with stronger medications than I would have had at home. This allowed my body to stay relaxed more and not be stressed, which in turns aids a ton in healing.

Upon being released from the hospital, I did very well. I have never recovered so well from a surgery. I was fairly sore for one day and after that I have been able to move around pretty much like normal. I got my stitches out on Wednesday and even went to the store. One store wore me out, but still, being able to do something that soon was amazing. I had to rest after that, but I was not hurting nearly as bad as I am normally at that stage after surgery. I am still surprised at how well my body has coped with this surgery. I still have days that I have more pain than others and am still very tired, but overall I am doing so well. This is a HUGE praise.

Well this update has gotten very long, but it takes a lot to explain what is happening with me. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Here is what we need to keep praying for:

Continued healing of my stomach pain/nausea and vomiting

Full healing for my pelvic pain

Direction for/from my doctors in how to proceed from here

Ability to get off painkillers/medications that have had to be used to treat illness

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for me. I do believe the prayers are working. There is no reason my stomach shound be better after surgery and it is. That is fully the power of prayer.  So please keep praying that all the pain and nausea go away and that my stomach does not revert back to what it was doing. I do believe I am on the road to recovery. Please pray for complete recovery and for me to be able to start living the life God is leading me to live…more on that later!

For now,




  1. Love you!

    • Love you too, Vicki!

  2. Honey I hope and pray that things will continue to get better and the pain and nausea will go away and you can be normal again and enjoy life.

    i look forward to when you and I can go and do things together and enjoy what we like to do. Christmas is just around the corner.

    Get Better! Love You! 🙂 MOM

    • Hopefully we can have fun at Christmas mom! Love you Mom.

  3. love you di!!!

    • Love you Mom!

  4. So good to hear you are feeling better. Your name will still go on the prayer list tomorrow morning in the Pacesetters’ SS class.

    • Thanks Laura!

  5. Love you!!!!!

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