Posted by: thedianestory | November 16, 2009

My Teddy Bear

November 15 2009


Teddy Malachi taking my place!

Choosing to rejoice in the small things, I will share the story of my Teddy Bear.

During my first hospitalization at Feather River Hospital, I told my mom I really wanted a teddy bear. I was hospitalized out of town from where we live so mom could not just run home and get my teddy bear I already owned. Not to mention I really needed a new one anyway, as Teddy Kirby is getting very old. So, mom went to the store in the town I was hospitalized and got me a new teddy bear. When she brought it to me, I fell in love with him.

Now you can call me crazy being an adult, and loving a teddy bear, but when you are lonely in a hospital and scared and not feeling well, it is nice to have something to snuggle with. I was blessed to have him and really wanted to name him something with a Christian meaning. I was struggling to think of something and then God gave me the name “Malachi.” Malachi is the name of the last book of the Old Testament. I did not know the meaning of the name, but knew that God had put the name on my heart. And so Teddy got his name: Malachi.

I finally looked up the meaning and discovered that Malachi means ‘my messenger’ or ‘my angel’ in Hebrew. How appropriate is that? Malachi was like my angel watching over me in the hospital. I just think it is cool and wanted to share it with my readers. Hopefully you all don’t think I am too crazy. Anyway, I took Malachi with me to San Fransico at Cal Pacific Medical Center and then again when I was just hospitalized at Feather River again. Actually it was really funny this last time at FRH because my doctor walked in to see me, saw Malachi and remembered him. He said “did he go with you to San Fransisco?” I told him yes, of course! It was comical to me that my doctor even remembered my bear. Too funny.

Anyway, there you have a more “normal” blog. Something a little lighthearted to write about for a change. Hope you enjoyed it. Blessings to everyone reading my blog. Thanks for your love and friendship!



  1. oh, yes, very crazy. hehe 😉
    i would want a teddy to keep me company too!

  2. Is Kirby jealous? Malachi is definately appropriate. Glad he gave you comfort. But don’t get rid of Kirby. He’s identical to mine that we got at the same time and when I see mine I think of your Kirby so you should keep him just to remind you of me 🙂 Miss you!

    • OH don’t worry…Kirby isn’t going anywhere. He still has a place on my bed and will probably still travel with me occasionally. But he is old and ragged, and no matter how many times I wash him he kinda smells. So it was time to get a new one. And yes, our bears are brothers, so we must keep them. You know, actually…next time I come down we need to get a picture of us and our bears together. We’ve never done that!
      Love you!

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