Posted by: thedianestory | November 15, 2009

Warning – Icky Pictures from PIC Line

November 15, 2009

I finally got to upload the pics from the last two months to my computer. So I am able to share some pics finally. Now the pics in this post are not the funnest pics to look at, but since they are from my PIC line, I had to share. lol. Like the Pun? No, really some people asked to see them so I am sharing them. My arm got infected from the PIC line and I was allergic to the dressing they had around the PIC line to protect it. So, if I ever have to get a PIC line again, I have to tell them that they have to come up with another type of dressing to protect it, because I can’t have this happen again. I was on Vancomycin for a week because they could not take any chances since the PIC line runs staight to your heart. Okay, here is what my arm looked like the day I left the hospital in S.F.



  1. Wow Di, no wonder you were miserable! That just looks painful! Glad it’s all cleared up!

    • It was SO painful. I had called the nurse in at 3am because it was hurting so bad. I had no idea that is what it was doing under the dressing! So crazy. I may have permanent marks from it. The soreness is gone, but the marks are still there.

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