Posted by: thedianestory | November 5, 2009

Another Update

November 5, 2009

Hi friends. I found out people really appreciated my last blog update so I thought I would try to keep this updated with what is happening. So…

I saw my GYN on Tuesday. He is convinced that it is a problem with my common bile duct. Normally the bile duct secretes histamines. However, my doctor thinks that mine may be secreting cytokines and leukotrienes. If this is the case then when I try to eat the bile duct may go crazy secreting these two things thus causing pain. So, he is putting me on Singulair, which is a med that blocks these two things from being produced. If this is the case then by these being blocked from being produced my pain should diminish and I should be able to eat again. Honestly he says it is a long-shot, but is worth the try. I am willing to try anything right now to get better so I started this medication this morning.

Wednesday(yesterday) I saw my pain specialist. He thinks the problem is the sphincter muscle in my stomach. He thinks it is contracting so much from the stomach acid. He says it is a huge problem that I am not eating because the same amount of acid is being produced but there is nothing for it to digest. I am currently on Prilosec, but he says he is not impressed with that drug, and instead or combined with, he wants me to take Zantac three times a day. After I take the Zantac he wants me to try to eat some yogurt. Right before I eat the yogurt I am supposed to take Reglan because that will help nausea and move the yogurt through my stomach faster. He is hoping this will be the start of me being able to process food again. Then I am to move on to mashed potatoes and other milk-based products. The reason for the milk-based products is because they are more of a base and not acidic foods.

As you can see, every doctor has their opinion of what is wrong and how to treat it. I appreciate all the help I can get, but it does get frustrating having no one on the same page. Right now my pain is still so bad I can hardly even describe. The last two nights I have slept very little because the pain is SO bad. I almost went to the ER again early this morning because I could not get relief from the pain. It is hard right now because I am not sure when to say enough is enough and give up at home and go back to the hospital. I also don’t know what the hospital will do since even S.F. did not have answers. At some point though, so doctor somewhere has got to have answers.

A friend of mine has been raising money for me to fly to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. He believes that is the only place I may get answers. It is scary to think of going across country for treatment, but that may be the only answer and it is incredibly overwhelming that a friend cares that much to work to get me there. So, we will see what happens with this.

Monday, November 9th I have an appointment with the GI doctor who saw me at Feather River and is the one who transferred me to S.F. I believe at this appointment the reality of putting a J-tube in will be discussed. Let’s hope God heals me by Monday and that I begin to get better. I will post on Monday and let everyone know what this doctor says.

Right now my days and nights are long. My brother flew in from Michigan last night to help care for me until Monday. My mom has surgery tomorrow as well, so he needed to be here to care for her and help me. It will be a crazy weekend. To top all of this off, my mom and I were in a car accident yesterday. We are pretty much okay, but my neck/shoulder is messed up. I went to the chiropractor yesterday and go Tuesday as well. I may go tomorrow, but it just depends how I feel. They told me to call them on Friday as the third day is the worse after an accident and they are expecting me to hurt pretty bad. As I sit here and type my neck is hurting. I may just call and make the appointment. Actually I just did. So I am going in tomorrow morning.

Anyway, okay I think you are updated now. Thanks for the continued prayers friends. You all are amazing and are keeping me going. Love you all.




  1. That all just sounds like no fun at all.

    Praying for you sis, and loving you.


    • Thanks Lene. So glad I just got off the phone with you. I LOVE getting to chat with ya. Talk to you again soon and I am going to email the doctor! Love you.

  2. ughhh, Diane…i don’t even have the words to express how sorry i am, and how much i am wanting and praying for you to get better.
    … the j-tube permanent? i seriously hope not 😦
    missing and loving you and praying for you always,

    • Thank you Fallon. The j-tube is not permanent; it can be removed. I would just have it as long as I can’t eat I guess. Doesn’t sound like fun or anything that I want to do, but if I can’t eat they are going to have to do something. Thanks for your love and friendship. I miss you so much. Love you Fallon!

  3. My mind will not let me grasp what you are going through. You have had pain since I’ve known you as a young girl. I pray that what you outlined for treatment will truly be the answer. Hope you will be able to eat as you need that strength. Bob and I pray for you. Last night in our community group at church we prayed. And your name will go on the prayer list in Bob’s SS class again on Sunday.

    • Thank you Laura. I truly appreciate all the prayer. Life is so hard right now. I need all the support I can get. Thanks for caring Laura. Love you.

  4. I love you. Jesse and I have put your name on the temple prayer rolls in pretty much every temple we’ve been to this week.

    • Wow. Thanks so much. I didn’t even think of that, but that is AWESOME!. I love you.

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