Posted by: thedianestory | October 9, 2009

Post-Surgery Report

October 8, 2009

Well friends it has been one week since surgery and I am finally getting around to post a report. I had my follow-up appointment with the doctor today so I thought it’d be a good time to report how I am doing. It has been a rough recovery, but I am certainly better than I was day one and two. I am still sore and tired, fighting some nausea still and have a low-grade fever that seems to linger. Overall though I am moving better, not hunched over like right after surgery!

Today the doctor said that the pathology showed Chronic Cholecystitis. You can click the link to read the medical definition for it, but basically it means that the gallbladder has been sick for awhile and my symptoms match up to what has been wrong with me and why I ended up in the emergency room last month. The doctor is confident that I will feel better, even though I still don’t feel great at the moment. He says it is taking me longer than “normal” to feel better but that some patients just don’t bounce back as quickly. I reminded him that this was my fifteenth surgery that I wouldn’t expect my body to react as well as some other patients. It has been a trend the last few surgeries to take a few weeks to really feel up to par.

The surgeon did say that I don’t have adhesions within the abdomen area which is a big “PRAISE JESUS” because with as many surgeries as I have had my tummy area should be filled with adhesions. I have always done as the doctors have said and walked a lot after surgery to keep scarring minimal, so that has helped. But basically I am sure that God is the great physician and has kept the adhesions from forming. The doctor also took an extensive look at the liver and said it looks absoulutely fine and that there is nothing to worry about. At the same time he said that whatever was showing up had to have been so far inside the liver it wasn’t a problem. So honestly I am still a little confused as to whether or not I need to push someone to investigate further. If there is a problem I certainly don’t want to let it go, but I also don’t want to freak out over nothing.

As for how I am feeling now with the soreness and nausea the doctor and I disagree on pain management. He thinks I am possibly nauseated from the Narcotics. Doctors always say this to me after surgery and it is never the issue. Anyway, he says I should get off the pain medication and try just tylenol (because I can’t take Motrin). For some reason I think he forgot that I deal with Chronic Pelvic Pain as well and have always been on heavy pain meds for this, so to just quit the Narcotics isn’t exactly a choice, not do I think that is why I am nauseous. Anyway, basically I am hoping that another week of recovery will end the surgery pain and soreness and nausea and then we will see how I feel.

If I think back to all my other surgeries it has always taken two-three weeks before I feel completely better. It is always around this week one follow-up doctor time that I am stressing not understand and not having the doctors understand why I feel the way I do and wondering if surgery was worth it and if I am ever going to feel better. But it has always been after two extra weeks recovery time it seems my body makes the difference and starts to perk up. I am hoping and praying this will be the case with this surgery as well.

Something I have not been wanting to admit or talk about because it scares me is the fact that two nights ago my Pelvic Pain came back in full force. This is has hit me hard and made me extremely emotional because I was so hoping and praying that this surgery would be the key to a healthy future. I was really hoping these gallbladder problems were completely connected to my pelvic pain and that I would feel better and finally be pain free, able to get back to life, or start a new life as the case may be. But at least for now, it seems that the pelvic pain is still there and I have had to take the pain meds to control that as well. I am at a loss for words and am emotionally and physically weak to deal with all of this. I just want to feel better and be able to go back to school or work whereever God leads me; but at this point I still don’t know if God is choosing to make me well enough to get back on feet or what. So, I just ask that you pray for the surgery pain to continue to heal and get better and that God is would continue to heal my other chronic pain and take these ailments from me. I do want the Lord’s will to be done, whatever that is. I am just growing weary, or have been weary. Ugh. Trying to stay strong and press on.

Thank you to everyone that has called, prayed, sent flowers, ran errands and come and visited. Your friendship and love means so much.



  1. aw, dang. flowers, that’s a good idea! why didn’t i think of that? oh well. i’m sending you ‘heart flowers’ ok…flowers from my heart to yours. lol. i’m dumb 🙂
    well i guess it’s kinda bittersweet news then…maybe your body is just angry right now. it has been through a lot. maybe it’s still adjusting? maybe that’s what the pain was. stay positive. i know it’s hard. i REALLY know it’s hard, although obviously you know even better than me. love you, and let me know if i can ever bring you anything. i’m here for you!

    • Hey Fallon,
      Thanks. I am hoping it is just my body adjusting as well and that it will actually get better. We shall see. Love you.

  2. Sorry to hear that your pelvic pain has not been resolved from the surgery. I too hope that your body is just adjusting and that the pain you are having from the surgery recovery is causing the nerves to fire elsewhere as well. I will pray for your recovery to be as speedy as possible and as full as possible! I like always pray for the HOLY physician to give you a miracle! Hope to see you & mom when you feel better!

  3. thanks for the update. let me know if you need anything like a homecooked meal or something. i would be happy to bring something over. Keep resting and thinking about a healthy future!

    • thanks Vicki. I appreciate your support. These days these only thing that really settles on my tummy is a tuna sandwich. I know, sounds kinda odd, but it has been the one thing I have done well with. Perhaps we will talk this weekend. Love ya.

  4. Diane, I am praying for you. I know you are having a really hard time. Don’t give up, you are loved and not alone…even if it feels that way. xoxo

  5. We are still praying…It is good to read up on how things have been going…I am so sorry that you had that pain though….Maybe it is part of all the healing that your body is going through still…either way, the Lord will continue to supply all your needs one day at a time and I will keep praying as always my friend. I love you

    • Thanks Moll. I love you so much!

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