Posted by: thedianestory | October 2, 2009

Surgery, Health Update

October 2, 2009

Hi friends. It is just past midnight and I am now scheduled to have surgery (gallbladder removal) in the morning. So, the issue with the liver has become less of an issue now. Praise the Lord. My surgeon consulted with the radiologist and they decided that the liver mass is far enough away from the gallbladder that it will not cause an issue. They also believe that it could just be the bigger veins in the liver angled funny, thus showing up something funny on the cat scan. So for now, it is nothing to stress about.

I got really ill Wednesday night into Thursday morning and decided to call my surgeon Thursday morning. Since he found it was safe to operate he decided to immediately send me in for lab work and come into his office and schedule surgery. During my examination in his office he discovered a small hernia to the right of my belly button. So he is going to attempt to fix that during the surgery as well.

Right now the surgery is planned to be laporoscopic and I should be home Friday night. If any complications arise then they would need to open me completely up and I would then be in the hospital for 4-5 days. I am trusting Jesus things will go smoothly and I will be back home this evening. I should be out of surgery in the early afternoon.

Obviously I will probably not be able to update my blog for awhile. Those of you who know my mom can contact her for updates. Otherwise, just keep me in your prayers and I will update this as I can. Thanks for all your love and support and prayers. It is all very much appreciated.



  1. I messaged your mom earlier today for an update and then Sarah called me this afternoon to let me know you were headed home. I hope you aren’t in too much pain, that you can get some sleep and that your recovery is speedy! Hope to see you & mom on the 10th, but we’ll see how you feel closer to then. Love you!

  2. Hi, honey.
    According to your mom, you are still having a rough time, and feeling your pain. Sorry to hear this, and praying you will feel so much better soon.
    Love you very much.

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