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Health Update after Doctors Appt.

September 29, 2009

Hello friends. Now that I’ve had a few hours to process this info. and calm myself down a bit, I am able to write about my appointment. Being presented with news I was completely not expecting to hear through me for a loop and into a tailspin. Ugh.

It appears there is more going on than just a problem with my gallbladder. There is a blood blister tumor type thing growing in my liver. The doctor has to consult with a radiologist at Enloe, as he saw this on the films and read the radiologist’s dictation but can’t quite make sense of exactly what the radiologist is saying. It is possible that this issue with the liver is going to have to be addressed first before we can do surgery for the gallbladder because I could bleed to death in surgery if this blood blister thing ruptures in surgery. They would not be able to control the bleeding. It is about an inch in diameter. The doctor isn’t exactly sure what is happening or what will need done. My gallbldder does need to come out and all my symptoms I am having are because my gallbladder is not functioning properly, but we have to wait and deal with the liver first.

My doctor is supposed to call me by the end of the week and let me know what he has heard from the radiologist and I see this doctor again on October 13th, where we will discuss my options and what I am looking at. I am extremely overwhelmed right now, not knowing exactly what is going on in my body and feeling miserable. I know that God is in control, but to be honest, I am struggling to trust right now. I need His strength, and I need to be strong in my faith. I am just feeling weak.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to lift me up. I know that God is bigger than all this and I also know I am extremely blessed with what I do have in life right now. I am just a little discouraged and overwhelmed. I will keep this blog updated as I know more.

Blessings to each of you.


  1. Diane I love you and will be here for you! I just want you to be healthy. If there is anything I can do, just call. Love you sweetie.

  2. You are in my prayers.

    I speak from experience when I say it’s very worthwhile to get an expert opinion. Try to get a referral to UCSF or California Pacific Medical Center. Both are in San Francisco, and they are the only Northern California hospitals that are experts in the liver. I’ve been misdiagnosed due to doctors who were out of their depth. Trust me, UCSF or CPMC are well worth the trip. You can stay with us if you want to break up the drive.

  3. Hi, Sweetheart.

    I am so sorry to hear this latest news. I know it must just be devastating, even though you don’t know how bad it really is, or isn’t…it is just one more thing to think of going through.

    Shalom, honey! Keep the peace of Christ and let it rule in your heart as a member of HIS body. Take His peace and life into yourself and rest in it.

    Do what you need to press forward, but please don’t let stress or fear rule you. You don’t really know what you are facing, and we will pray that it is the best scenario possible for you, and not the worst.

    I agree with Mr. Dawes, get other opinions and take him up on the offer of a rest stop in the trip.
    I love you. We are praying. Most importantly, God loves you and wants the best for you. He has a plan for you and His plan is to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope. Jer. 29:11
    Hope in God.

    • Thanks you Shel. I already wrote Bill back and told him I would most likely take him up on staying with him and his wife. It would be awesome to see him anyway, since his wife just found out she is expecting their first child! Anyway, I am doing my best to not be consumed by fear. I don’t know why it hit me so hard. It isn’t like I haven’t faced the unknown before. I think it was just thinking I knew what was wrong and then the doctor saying “did Dr. ____ talk to you about your liver?” and I was like…Liver? What? So I was not expecting what I heard and am just feeling overwhelmed. Thanks for the love and prayers.

      Love you.

  4. I Love You Sis. You will get through this. You are a very strong women, and you know that. We all know you will be healthy again. Sis, Dyllan and I are always here for you. I LOVE YOU!!!

    • Thanks sis. I love you too. Too bad you aren’t here to bring my nephew over and cheer me up. 🙂 Miss ya.

  5. hey sweetie. i know we already talked but this still isn’t computing with me. i sorta broke down after we talked…so i can’t imagine how you feel. i love you.

    UC Davis has a liver clinic and has an amazing group of doctors there.

    i’m not thrilled about the idea of having to talk liver crud with you. why are livers so freaking prominent in our lives? first bill, maybe jesse, now you. we’ve gotta fix all of you!

    oh and have you researched family history of certain medical issues?

    • Hey Sarah,

      I think once I know more, I will probably asked to be referred somewhere further for the liver issues. I am breaking down too and not dealing well tonight with this news. I know a little bit about family history but not much. I know of gallbladder issues, but not liver. Thanks for caring. I love you.

  6. I am leaving all this in God’s capable hands! I am sure he will keep you safe and that this will hopefully be the answer to a lot of your problems! I pray that after fixing all these issues that you will have a more normal life! This could be the beginning of a new beginning for you. God has good things planned for you & thru you! I just know it! I love you & you as always will be in my & my families prayers! Keep us all posted. Wish I was closer, now more than ever!

  7. Diane,
    I am sorry to hear about your appt. yesterday. I can honestly say that I understand how you feel when your expecting one answer and get hit blindsided about something else.
    I do agree that you should ask to be sent to a specialist in SF. My neurogastroenterologist is at Cal Pacific, and he is one of the best in Northern California. He specializes in all the areas which you are having problems. Dr. Snape is his name, and his nurse practitioner is Shelly Grey. They both are awesome. Dr. Mansell sent me to them when all of my stomach and GI issues became over his realm of knowledge and technology locally. Please check him out. Dr. Snape at Cal-Pacific Medical Center for Motility. The number is 415-600-1138. They are very understanding and extremely nice. If you need to talk, let me know. I’ll continue to pray for both of us to get better soon.

  8. I am so glad for all the loved ones in your life that know where to suggest you go for answers. I am also sad that so many are too knowledgeable about this! It means too many have gone through too much.
    I love you, and I understand being sideblinded. I remember how that feels. Your brain just isn’t up to computing, and reactions just go crazy.
    You are truely a woman of faith, and I just wanted to speak that truth into you.
    You are not what you feel. You are Who you believe in, and we know you are fine in that category.
    Striving to glorify God in all I do…strive less, rest in Him and ride on His wings more.
    This is the season of your life where nothing makes sense and there is no way for you to work things out in your own ways.
    Nest in under his pinions, honey…the little fluffy underfeathers of His great wings. As in Deuteronomy, you are in the howling wilderness, and under His wings you are safe, warm, protected and nestled into His heartbeat. No matter what is going on in the world around you, or even in you, you are safe.
    Love, love, love.

    • thx shelley. I am trying. I appreciate your love.

  9. I’m so sorry hunny! I love you and you know I’ll be praying so hard for you! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

    • Thanks Fallon. You know I love you too and am praying for you as well.

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