Posted by: thedianestory | September 27, 2009

The Come Back Diner

Me with Food and a hurt wrist!

Me with Food and a hurt wrist!

As promised I am writing about the yummy little diner mom and I went to in Paradise after my Hida Scan. After the test I was hungry because I had been fasting for the test. The IV they put in my arm hurt extremely bad and my wrist was all swollen from it. I went to the store to see about getting an instant ice pack, but they didn’t have one. So I settled for heat from a Therma Care wrap. That made it feel decent, though ice would have been better. Anyway…

The food was SO good. Perfectly made, very afforadble and the staff was so friendly, I felt like I was in a southern town or something. You know, where they are actually friendly and genuinely care about you? I had the most delicious Apple Walnut Pancakes and it also came with two sides. I got ham and eggs.

Apple-walnut pancakes

Apple-walnut pancakes

They brought me warm maple syrup too!


Ham and eggs

Ham and eggs

Mom got hashbrowns and soup. The hashbrowns were cooked to perfection! They were very yummy. Mom shared some with me too, cause I like to mix my egg with hashbrowns!

Yummy Hashbrowns!

Yummy Hashbrowns!

Mom and I had a really nice morning together, despite the circumstances. It was such a nice atmosphere and great food. I would totally drive up there again just for something different. Good food and good people. So, Shelley…if you and Gene want to go, let us know! We’d love to go with you. 




  1. Glad you were able to enjoy some food therapy after such a unpleasant morning!

  2. Still like Brunch House Apple Walnut Pancakes better….although I’ve heard this is owned or operated by a previous employee from BH. Now I want hash browns.

  3. Sarah,

    You know what, I actually liked Come Back’s pancakes better. They were more fluffy. BH is GREAT too, but Come Back tops it a little for me.

    I hardly ever get to BH. Last time was in January but they were good when I had them! Yummo.

  4. Hi, sweetie! Yes, we would love to go with you two.
    We have been there at dinner, a couple of years ago and of course, because Gene was with me, the service was so slow and for many moments there was no one working the dining room, even with the till there. LOL!
    Food was awesome, though. And the waitress was downright human. No put on at all. Loved that about her.
    Gene will always order regular pancakes. I wish he would try some with goodies.
    Tomorrow he is 71! So we should celebrate together soon.
    We do enjoy Black Bear Diner up there a lot. Better than the one in Gridley for sure. Have you tried it? So far, very good food and no bad experiences. ;O)

    • mom said you had a bad experience with her there?

  5. I just saw the date stamp. It is already tomorrow on the blogosphere. 9/28 is his birthday.

  6. Hi. My name is Charli Barteau and I am the owner of The Comeback Diner! It was so interesting for me to google the diner and find your little conversation about us! What I love most about it is that you are honest about what you think of the place. It is nice to get reviews from people that I do not know. So often friends and relatives won’t tell you the truth because it can be hurtful. My husband Max and I have been working a lot more in the diner lately because of the downturn in the economy and as a result we think that the restaurant is now the best it has ever been in terms of service, cleanliness, and of course the food is FANTASTIC. Each day we have great specials like today’s Pumpkin waffle with whip cream and cream cheese drizzle served with 2 eggs and choice of meat $5.25. Gotta go for now. Its late for me considering its nearly midnight and I work at 5:45a.m. tomorrow. Thanks for the good review diane!!! Hope you can check us out again soon. Take Care. Charli

    • Wow. Thanks for writing Charli. I will visit again soon. It is a great little place for sure!

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