Posted by: thedianestory | September 18, 2009

Fingerprint Friday

Each week Pamerping Beki hosts “Fingerprint Friday”, a series of blog posts focused on the song “Fingerprints of God” by Steven Curtis Chapman. For the full details, please click here.

This week I am including a picture much different than my normal shots I have always written about.

Onyx in his new tent with Cat Nip Mat

Onyx in his new tent with Cat Nip Mat

Sometimes we forget that God made the animals too. So his fingerprints are on them as well! Onyx brings much joy to my heart. He is my baby. He (along with the other two cats) got spoiled this week with new toys. He loves his new tent and Cat Nip Mat. The other cats love it too and they chase each other in and out of it and fight over the mat constantly. I think we will get two more mats. They are nice cause the cats are encouraged to claw this mat and NOT the carpet!

Snowball playing with Onyx (in tent)

Snowball playing with Onyx (in tent)

So yes, God made the animals too and provided them for our enjoyment! Thank you Jesus for my babies…I love them! They make me smile.



  1. How cute! Animals are such a precious gift from God. I am so grateful for their soft fur to pet, their uncomplicated playfulness, and their constant unconditional love.

    • I agree. And Onyx is the softest cat I have ever petted! Every comments on how soft he is. It’s crazy! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I’m in love with Snowball! Cute shots! Thanks for sharing!

    • thanks! Snowball is my baby. I got her when I was in sixth grade. she is an old lady now but still plays hard most days! She does have a hard time jumping amd walks with a limp now.

  3. Very sweet. God offers so many avenues for the opportunitiy to love and be loved!

  4. Very cute. I can’t get Hera to touch her cat crap for anything….not her scratching/cat nip thing…she won’t go into her little uber soft velvety tower…and her tent/cube she’ll go into on occasion to retrieve a toy, but not to stay. Ugh.

    • I want to get get onyx the tent cube chair thing at walmart!

  5. Our cats have a little kitty condo that we need to replace cause it has been loved to the point of distruction, but Smokey loves going in one of the holes and surprising Bandit when he walks by. She teases and taunts him cause she can hit and he is too big. He can fit if he really tris but not comfortably. Cats are so funny & definately a gift from God for our enjoyment!

  6. Well most of the time! Not when they scratch up your furniture and pee on your rugs!

  7. A catnip mat? Is that why Onyx looks like he/she is enjoying things a little too much? ;o) Cute kitties!

  8. I’ve never had a kitty, sadly. But they certainly are beautiful animals. Love the shot of the one in the tent – so cute 🙂

    • Thanks! He is quite adorable if I do say so myself.

  9. Oh, the flashbacks.
    You know our Baby wouldn’t dane to play with cat toys, but when we brought home this fabric catnip filled frog, she loved it to death, would lay on it to hide from us.
    If we touched it, she wouldn’t go near it while we watched her after that. So funny!
    Her froggy was her baby, but no one was to know her secret shame.
    I am so glad you shared on God’s gift to this planet.
    I love the pics. So adorable.

    • Thanks shel. I remember the froggy you are talking about. Too funny.
      I just thought these were the best pics to post this week. So much fun. Love ya.

  10. aaah they look adorable!

  11. How cute!! Onyx looks beautiful.

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