Posted by: thedianestory | September 6, 2009

Being “Aunty Di”

Like her pigtails?

Like her pigtails?

This is my niece Analisa. She stayed the night last Friday after going to the races with me and my mom. It is a tradition for Aunty Di to play with Lisa’s hair. So, after coming home from the races and getting her showed and that long hair of hers conditioned, I put it in pigtails and braided it. We did this while it was still wet so the next morning she could take them out and have wavy hair.

Yes, I relish all the time I get being an aunty. Sarah, let Brooklyn know that I actually succeeded and got Lisa’s pigtails even. Tell her I will get hers right the next time I do hers! lol



  1. with brooklyns shirt hair pigtails are barely possible now. i hate it. feel free to play all you want. analisa is getting so big.

  2. Ooh. I forgot about that! Well, I will have to come up with some other ideas. Oh well, just be sure to tell Brook that Aunty Di is getting better with hair! lol

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