Posted by: thedianestory | September 1, 2009

Photography Edits

I just started playing around with two photo editing sites: Picasa and I have a ton to learn but thought I would show you the first two pics I have played around with; before and afters.

First, there is one of mom and I at the races (go figure) and then one of me with my niece and nephew at the races another night.


Before the edit

Before the edit

After the edit

After the edit


Before the edit

Before the edit

After the edit

After the edit

I think they turned out really fun! What do YOU think?


  1. OK the one of you and mom I like it zoomed in, but not sure about the darker line/section at the top. I like the other zoomed too and the blues ar emore brilliant, but its washed out…almost looks over flashed.

    Check out

  2. Oh ps: the kids are HUGE!

    • Ya dude…you should see Danny Austin! It is so messed up! lol

  3. Okay, of the two, I favor the one of you and your mom. Pretty good for the first time you played with it all!
    Well done. I like how you brightened the colors, but prefer the one of the kids not so brightly done.
    How did you make the new collage of pics for your banner? It is awesome!

    • That my friend, is thanks to Picasa editor as well! I made a collage in Picasa and then just cropped what I could! See, I am learning more new stuff!

  4. Very good job. They look great. It is fun to learn something new.

  5. Very nice new blog Diane. 🙂

    • Thanks Crystal! I thought you of all people could appreciate it, even though I am nowhere near as good as you!

  6. It’s fun to play isn’t it? The line one is great for skylines and stuff. Try it with a pic that has a blue sky/horizon and see how that works. I love how you popped the colors in the second one.

    • Thanks Jamie. It is too fun just playing around. They don’t have to be perfect…just different. And yes, I love how much more vivid the colors became in the second one!

  7. Very cool! What r u using? Is it free, u should let me know cuz I had Photoshop and now I don’t. All I use is what comes with my mac to edit pics. I like the edited work though!

  8. Oh AND what confuses me the most is how if u look at the position of ur heads they r diff in the edited version. I’m curious what u did. That’s not just rotating the whole pic is it?

    • Hey…who is this posting these comments? I can’t tell! It was not just rotating the whole pic. It is a setting in Picasa for straightening. I am using Picasa 3 and…and YES they are free!

      Now tell me who you are!

  9. I will have to check out these sites my self sometime. Very cool! Have fun perfecting your pics!

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