Posted by: thedianestory | August 23, 2009

Saturday Surprise

Well today’s post is a bit late, but I am getting it up none the less. I have been wanting to post this for two weeks, but last week was too warn out to do this normal blog, so here it is today!

Sara Looker and Me!

Sara Looker and Me!

This photo is years old now! This was taken at our Church board retreat. Our first night there, I fell down the porch steps (it was dark and I could not see) and twisted my ankle. The next day we were on our break from our “meeting time” and wanted to run around outside. Obviously I could not run with a swollen ankle, so Sara offered to give me a piggy-back ride! I had forgotten about this good time until I was going through old pics a few weeks back. This was too much fun! I REALLY REALLY miss being so involved. Those were some of the best years of my life. Glad Sara and I have reconnected recently. I LOVE you Sara!



  1. Dancin in the rain! yeahh! Good times! I love bein’ goofy!

    • I knew you would like it Sara!

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