Posted by: thedianestory | August 15, 2009

15 Books That Changed My Life

Hi Friends! I originally did this post as a note on Facebook, but thought it would be fun to put on my blog for those of you are not friends on my facebook! Let’s make this a blogging MEME. Do this MEME and then tag your friends.

15 Books That Changed Your Life


Just list 15 books you’ve read that will always stick with you that somehow helped shape who you are today and how you think. Tag 5 friends, or as many as you want.

(To do this, copy these rules, type a new blog, and then tag five friends to do this MEME too.) Let’s learn a little bit more about our blogging friends! 

  1. Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis
  2. My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult
  3. The Diary of Anne Frank
  4. The Bible
  5. The Great House of God – Max Lucado
  6. To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
  7. Gap Creek – Robert Morgan
  8. Living the Life You Were Meant to Live – Tom Paterson
  9. In His Steps – Charles M. Sheldon
  10. Created to Be His Help Meet – Debi Pearl
  11. Velvet Elvis – Rob Bell
  12. Sex. God. – Rob Bell
  13. The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman
  14. More Than a Carpenter – Josh McDowell
  15. The Cost of Discipleship – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I tag:






Have fun ladies!!!!!!



  1. Hi there Lady!
    I’ll have to think on this. I’ve read books, and I MEAN it! But not for a long long time.
    I think I’ll have to agree with some of the books on your list though… you’ve read some good ones!

    Love you!

    • Momma Bug,
      You mean to tell me with five love bugs running around all day you don’t get a book read a week too? Really!? LOL. Love you!

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