Posted by: thedianestory | August 13, 2009

The Shiger Family

A few weeks back, one of my good friend’s Vicki, invited me over for dinner. We have been friends since junior high. She is married with three (almost four) year old twin girls. We don’t make it together to hang out very often, but we finally planned it and made it happen. We used to at least see each other often as we lived in the same complex, but since I have moved, we don’t get the convenience of a passing wave to each other throughout the week.

Vicki’s girls are absoulutely some of the cutest kids you will ever meet. Too adorable for their own good! It took a few minutes for them to remember me, but then they warmed right up to me.

MJ and Roni

MJ and Roni

They were playing with their alphabet magnets and spelled my name (which is also their Ya Ya’s name). Ya Ya is Greek for Grandma.

My name with magnents!

My name with magnets!

 Then they were looking at the clock on the wall and I helped them spell “clock”.



The twins then told us that the clock’s name is “Tic-toc”. lol – Too cute!

Thanks for dinner Vicki! It was so good catching up with you. My house next week, right? Can’t wait to see ya again!



  1. They are getting so big! We all need to do a group campout to Yosemite this Fall or sometime when we can all do it. To get us all together again would be fun! Miss you, miss Vicki, miss her girls & I miss Chico!

    • Ya, seriously…it would be amazing to get all of us together for camping. Hmm. Wonder if we could all actually figure out a time to do that! Miss ya lots. Thanks for commenting on my blog so faithfully…I return the favor. lol

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