Posted by: thedianestory | August 13, 2009

Missing The Stollp Family

Sara and Ethan

Sara and Ethan

This is my other bestie Sara and her son Ethan. They live a bit far away to get to see them very often. I miss them tons. Not sure when I will get to see them, but for sure I will see them for Ethans 2nd birthday is October. Wish I could see them sooner, but I’m not so sure than can happen. Anyway, this picture is from Sara’s sister-in-law’s wedding in June. I just think it is so stinkin cute, so I stole it off of Facebook so I could blog about them!

Isn’t my nephew just the cutest little guy? He is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!!!!!! Where did my baby go, Sara? Well Sara, I love and miss you. Give that nephew of mine lots and lots of kisses and hugs from Aunty Di and tell him I love him.

Can’t wait to see you in October, if not before. Thanks for being such an amazing friend!


  1. Thank you Di for blogging about us! We miss you too! I wish we could come to Chico for Colin’s 4th b-day in Sept. and see you too but we committed to going to SoCal a long time ago with Marcus’ family and I didn’t think about it being so close to Colin’s birthday that it would keep me from going to that too. Oh well. Missing birthdays seems to be the trend this year;( So glad to hear that you & mom plan to come for Ethan’s birthday and stay a couple days. I also hope you have a really good time with my folks when you visit them. They have all kinds of plans for you like enchiladas, and the aquarium. I would come too but I want you & them to establish a relationship seporate from me. You could go the long way home and visit me for a day??? Love & miss you!

  2. Oh & I just realized you mis-spelled my name, it’s 2 p’s not 2 l’s but no worries, S-T-O-L-P-P 🙂 Oh & Marcus wants to know where he is? He says he’s part of this family too! lol

    • Don’t sell me out like that Sara! I didn’t know Marcus looked at my blog! lol I just LOVED this pic so much. So ya, man, make me feel guilty. I may have to blog about you again…

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