Posted by: thedianestory | August 12, 2009

My Kitty Onyx

My baby Onyx, who is three years old now, has developed some new habits since moving to our new home in February. If one is standing in the kitchen, he has decided he likes to perch on your shoulder. When your back is turned, he suddenly jumps on you, digging his claws into your back to climb to your shoulder. Yes, it hurts…but he doesn’t mean to hurt me!

So last week I was standing in the kitchen preparing to make muffins when all of the sudden, I have a cat on my back. You learn to quickly bend over so the claws don’t go ripping down your back!

Me, quickly bending over!

Me, quickly bending over!

Once you are bent over, Onyx likes to make himself comfortable.

He likes to pose for the camera too!

He likes to pose for the camera too!

And then he likes to love his momma!

He loves me!

He loves me!

I may not have a kid yet, but I have a cat….and some days he seems just like a toddler. The other night he knocked the salt shaker off the table…yep…glass shattered everywhere. I love him anyway though. I would be lost without him.

Don’t you think my baby is cute?!



  1. Well you finally joined me in the jumping on the shoulder. Congrats!. He is a lovey kitty. he just surprises you when you aren’t expecting it. He is just spoiled. Not sure how that happened….

  2. Hmmm. How did he become spoiled…let’s think about this! lol

  3. I love my kats like I love my kids. When something is wrong it makes me cry! Your black kitty is so nice and cute. I am glad that he is happy in your new home.

    • Thanks for commenting Vicki! See you next week for dinner?

  4. Smokey used to do that to Marcus. Not so much since we moved in together but back in college. She’s a good jumper though and seldomly missed the shoulders and had to climb up his back but itf you were startled by her, she might claw to stay on. Cats are funny! I love the second one!

    • Ya, Onyx hasn’t quite gotten the hang of making it straight to the shoulder…so we tend to get clawed up the back. I still love him though. lol

  5. Now THIS is a blog! I enjoy the pics, Diane.
    I have another additoin to ths story. Your Onxy either stares at me or cuddles up, and it changes from visit to visit, depending on his mood.
    One day when I was walking by the sofa, he just stood up, stuck his claws into my shoulder blades and pulled himself up! yep. Straight on up the shoulder blade and into a “sort-of-on-the-shoulder” pose. Then he sniffed straight into my ear and licked inside it! I guess I smell good. LOL!
    Your mom came back into the room, which made me realize what he had heard to jump down so quickly! He had heard her coming, scrambled to get off me, then when she came in the room, he cuddled up to her like she was his “only”!
    Smart kitty. And yes, I had the scratches a while as evidence if he got out of line. ;O)
    I whispered to him to be nice to me whenever I visit or he is busted. Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    • That is WAY too funny. Glad to know Onyx likes you. LOL. Yes, he pretty much will always jump down when he hears his gramma coming. Too cute. He is my kitty, but he LOVES his gramma. He knows who loves him! You just let me know if he gets outta line. lol

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