Posted by: thedianestory | July 29, 2009

Time with My Girls

This past weekend I watched the Patino girls for the night while Sarah and Jesse went to the No Doubt concert. I hadn’t seen the girls in two months, so it was awesome spending time with them. Isa will be one year old on Sunday, but is still super tiny.

Me and Isabella

Me and Isabella

Victoria made dinner. It is crazy to me that she is old enough now that I don’t have to do nearly as much to watch the girls anymore. When did she grow up and where did the time go!?

Tori, Isa, and Di

Tori, Isa, and Di

Tori’s friend was in the picture too, but I cropped her out, because I don’t want to put her picture on the web without her parent’s knowing. Actually, it was kind of funny. I showed up to watch the girls, and Sarah says “umm, Di…did I forget to tell ya we have an extra kid for the weekend?” lol She had forgotten, but it was no big deal. The more the merrior, right?

Anyway, we had a fun night. Except for the part where Tori got worn out and didn’t feel so hot. She fell asleep early, early. Actually, for an evening with four girls, it was really quiet!

We can't forget Brooklyn!

We can't forget Brooklyn!

Sarah and Jesse got home about 11:30 I think. Then Sarah and I and Jesse chatted for about an hour. Jesse went to bed and then Sarah and I proceeded to chat until the wee hours of the morning. It was 3am, okay?! My late night chats with Sarah when we are together are truly my most cherished memories with her. She probably doesn’t really know that, but they always mean so much to me. A couple years ago, we traveled to our bestie, Sara’s house and shared a room at night. Those nights falling asleep talking into the night were awesome. Our best conversations come with those talks. I hope to have more of them soon!

Anyway, just a peek into my world…




  1. So sweet!!!

  2. Super jealous!

  3. Awesome pics, Diane. Thanks so much for sharing and your little story with it. Love you all!

  4. That for the comments ladies. I cherish them!

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