Posted by: thedianestory | July 23, 2009

Grace’s Baby Shower

Here are a couple pics from Grace’s shower. We only got two shots of the two of us together. One, didn’t show her belly, and the other, when I told the person to make sure to get her belly in the pic this time, cut my head off…but I didn’t want to make her take another and complain…so they are what they are!

I thought my mom would want to see Grace’s belly though. So, for you mom, here are the pics.

Grace and Diane

Grace and Diane

And then the better belly shot…

Yes, she is ready to pop!

Yes, she is ready to pop!

And here she is opening my present to her…the burp cloths, plus a few other items mom and I picked up.

She had help opening gifts!

She had help opening gifts!

Grace is due August 2, which if you remember my post from a few months back, was my Grandpa Fisher’s birthday. Sarah’s youngest daughter’s birthday is August 2, as well. So apparently it is a popular date among my friends and family. Let’s see how many of my friend’s can have kids with birthday’s on August 2, which makes me smile in memory of my grandpa.

Now I am just waiting for the phone call that Grace is having the baby so I can make a trip down and meet my latest nephew, Raymond Joel…if born on August 2, will be even neater because my grandpa’s name was Raymond. Praying for you Miss Grace, and can’t wait to meet your little boy.





  1. I highly doubt it’ll happen on the actual due date. Less than 2% of babies arrive on their actual due date. It would be cool.

  2. It’s actually spelled Ramon…but hey! close enough!
    lol I’m so glad you made it! You’ll be getting that call…noooo worries! 🙂

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