Posted by: thedianestory | July 21, 2009

The Finished Project



Three Burp Cloths

Three Burp Cloths

I made these burp cloths for my friend Grace, who is pregnant with her first baby, a little boy, due August 2nd. The top is cotton/flannel and the back is terry cloth. These are nice because they are really thick and absorbant; much nicer than what you can buy in the store. They are also fun to make because you can pick fun fabric and make them with whatever design suits your fancy!

I made these with the fabric I got at the Britex in San Fransisco. The terry cloth, my good friend already had so she let me use some of what she had so I didn’t have to run to the store and get more fabric. Funds are tight right now, for the both of us, so we share what we can!

Anyway, later I hope to learn to make the matching changing pad/diaper tote as well. My friend will help me with that as well. Perhaps I will make it along with the burp cloths for Kimmie? I really enjoy making these and sewing is sew fun! (I crack myself up, okay?)

So ladies, what fun things do you like to sew. Any ideas you’d like to share? Comment away. I love to see everyone’s creations!


  1. Hey, honey. These are adorable and you did a great job. I like that top-stitching. Really adds a nice touch to the design.
    I answered your comment on my wordy blog. You are funny. Now that you mention it, it does apply to our comments last night…I mean this morning.
    It was really about 2 other someones, and my drop-jawed stares at them for the last couple of weeks. LOL! Like, what the heck am I even using my breath on this conversation for? LOL!
    I ramble way too much in the early mornings. I must edit it later.
    Keep sewing!!!! It makes me want to sew again, too and I never was good at it to start with.

  2. Practice makes perfect! Sewing is fun and relaxing; and stressful and frustrating! lol. I figure it can only get better and I do enjoy it so I want to keep going and creating things. Next project is a totebag/book-bag.

    And I love your rambling. Your tombstone shall read “She who had the most words won. Have fun talking Jesus’ ear off”

    lol. Not that I want you to die or anything. I must need sleep.

  3. You just crack me up, Diane! The later it gets, the funnier you are!
    I did a brief blog a little while ago. To help you find the right one, I titled it, For Brevity’s Sake. LOL!
    It is about you!!!
    And, I shared a link to your site so everyone can admire you…I mean, your work. ;O)
    Love, love, love!

  4. I would just love some!! You are so creative and crafty (in the “arts and crafts” of course!)


    • Okay, well we will have to go pick out fabric! I’d love to make them for you.

  5. Fun! Those look thick and VERY useful!

  6. My man woke me up to tell you major props!…seriously wanted to kill him. But ya! lol they are awesome! thank you-thank you!

    • You are welcome! And it is pretty funny that he woke you….too bad for you…that is a compliment to me! lol

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