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Remembering My Grandpas

Visiting Grandpa Fisher's Grave

Visiting Grandpa Fisher's Grave

While back in Maryland, I went to visit my Grandpa Fisher’s grave.  This was the first time I’d been back to visit since his funeral. It was nice going back and seeing the grave site completed, with the headstone. He is buried at a veteran’s cemetary. It is really nice, with beautiful landscaping. It feels like grandpa is being honored being laid to rest there. He deserved that honor. I miss my grandpa terribly. Here is the poem I wrote for his funeral when he passed away:

Remember to Kiss Your Loved Ones – In Memory of Grandpa Ray

Remember to kiss your loved ones,

And tuck them in to sleep.

Tell them that you love them

And it’s them you want to keep.

Remember to kiss your loved ones,

As you never know when life will end;

For do you always know

What lies around the bend?

Remember to kiss your loved ones,

An example you can be.

Just like my Grandpa Ray

Was that example in life to me.

What is it like to be free?

What is it like to fly?

Grandpa could you answer me

As I turn my voice up high?

Streets of Gold

You’re free to roam.

Because you walked that line

That brought you home.

I will never know

Why you had to go.

But I trust that God wanted you

for His next big show.

So this was the time Grandpa

For me to say Goodbye

You know I love you

And now I am going to cry.

Are you proud of me Grandpa?

Cause I am proud of you.

And now you can see that

From the very best view.

I miss you, I love you,

To the ends of the earth.

Now Grandpa you know

Just how much I think your worth.

So have fun in heaven

While I say goodbye

And rest in the arms

Of the One Most High.

Me and Grandpa Valente - years ago

Me and Grandpa Valente - years ago

Today would have been Grandpa Valente’s 81st birthday. He passed away in May 2008, so his death is still pretty fresh for the family to bear. Mom and I went to Corning today to check on the house where he lived. It just seems weird that he isn’t with us anymore. I loved him so very much. In his memory, I wanted to post the poem I wrote for him as well. I love you grandpa and I will see you again in heaven one day.

My Grandpa Valente

My Grandpa Valente was a

Kind, wise, and fun man

From the time I was little,

He was one of my biggest fans

A smile on his face,

The quick grin with a smirk

You’d know when you saw it

That some trouble might lurk

Putting others first

Was top on his list

You better let him serve you

Whether rain, shine, or mist

A dad to my mom,

Grandpa to me

And one of the greatest friends

That anyone ever did see

He had his pet peeves,

And some quirks just like me,

But you needed those flashlights

You know, you need to be able to see!

With flashlight in hand,

No matter the brand,

You better make sure there

Were tissues on every night stand

To some it sounds silly

But these memories are mine

These are all I have to take with me now

Throughout my lifetime

In seriousness though

I want you to know

That my grandpa taught me to live

Without a big show

There’s really not

A whole lot that matters

If we live life in the present

And not in the latter

Quiet forgiveness he gave

To people in his life,

And if you noticed, he lived

With very little strife

My grandpa loved me

Of this I am sure

For he was always concerned for me,

Wishing they could just find a cure.

Even as my grandpa lay sick

He’d look at me with care in his eyes

Concerned for me first

As he let out a sigh

He touched my heart

In so many ways

And there just aren’t words

For all I’m wanting to say

Grandpa I love you so much

And miss you I do

Please know that these thoughts

Won’t end when this poem in through

You have left a legacy

For me to carry out

And your gentle spirit I’ll carry

Throughout my life’s route

So you rest in heaven

Till we meet again

And know I’ll take care of your daughter

Through all of the thick and thin

Grandpa I love you

For all that you were

I’ll never forget you

Of that we can be sure.



  1. I don’t think I have ever read that one you wrote for Grandpa Fisher, very nice. It made me teary eyed. You shared the one you wrote for Grandpa Valente, so I wasn’t reading it for the first time and got through it okay. You are very gifted with words! I know both your grandpas love you and are proud of the woman you are! Miss & love you!

    • Thanks Sara. Miss and love you too. Hope to catch up soon. Call me when you are driving to your parents!

  2. I miss them both too!

  3. […] Grace is due August 2, which is you remember my post from a few months back, was my Grandpa Fisher’s birthday. Sarah’s youngest daughter’s birthday is August 2, as well. So apparently it is a popular date among my friends and family. Let’s see how many of my friend’s can have kids with birthday’s on August 2, which makes me smile in memory of my grandpa. […]

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