Posted by: thedianestory | June 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

June 18, 2009

Well my friends, it has been FOREVER since I did a Thursday Thirteen post, so this morning I decided it would be fun to post. So without further ado…

Thirteen Things I want to do while on vacation:

1. Go shopping at the Columbia Mall (already accomplished…pics to come soon!)

2. Visit my grandma (happening next week)

3. Visit my grandpa’s grave site (haven’t been back since the funeral, and I miss him)

4. Eat at Chick-fil-A (such a good fast-food chain) We only have one in CA that I know of, and it is a couple hours from me.

5. See my cousin Rachel and have her cut/highlight my hair. (Hopefully happening this weekend)

6. Go see the movie “My Sister’s Keeper” when it comes out June 26th, 2009. (Dad, Jeanne and I plan to see it together)

7. Go to Jon and Amanda’s wedding (Yep…this is happening June 20th…so happy for them!)

8. Go to Washington D.C. for the Fourth of July Fireworks. (We plan to go, and my brother and his g.f. are coming too!!!!!!!!!!)

9. Get to visit my cousin Matthew and meet his fiance. (Not sure if we are going to be able to connect or not.)

10. Get in shape. (I was planning to use the work-out room everyday, but between bronchitis and my sunburn, 10 days have passed and I have yet to work-out!)

11. Finish at least the two books I purchased last week. Book reviews to come when I am finished! I should write a post on My Sister’s Keeper that I finished already. Don’t worry, I won’t give the movie plot away!

12. Go for a walk around the beautiful lake by my dad’s house. Jeanne and/or dad have to come with me though, cause it’s kinda creepy by yourself.

13. Get my dad a kitten…(let’s see if Jeanne actually reads this or not…lol)

Well, there you have it friends. Now you can see what I want to do while I am back here! What are Thirteen Things you would like to do this summer? If you blog…join in the fun and write a post. Leave me a comment letting me know to check-out your blog! If you don’t blog, leave me a comment with your list! Or if you are my friend on Facebook, you could type a note with a list too and let me know to check it. Really…I want to hear what you all have planned this summer!

Hope you all have a great couple of days. I am off till Friday night or Saturday…Father/daughter trip away. Leaving in just a few!

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. chick-fil-a is in roseville/rocklin, just a short 30 minutes from my doorstep. i had it for the first time ever about 2 months ago. so good. but its not as far away as you thought.

    • No I knew where it was. I’ve been there. I just say two hours to Roseville! Trust me…I hunted out the closet Chick-fil-A!

  2. I’ve been there too, we drive by it all the time. I didn’t know there was only one in CA though!
    Love you!

    • Well apparently Fresno has one too. Sara and I are SO going there next time I visit!

  3. We have one, a Chick-Fil-A that is, so you have yet another excuse to come visit me! I promise to take you there! PLEASE, I miss you!

    Who is Jon & Amanda again? A cousin?

    Matthew is getting married?! Wow, it’s been so lng since I’ve seen him. Him being that grown up makes me feel old! But I am happy for him!

    I really want to see that movie too, My Sister’s Keeper! I have no one to see it with so you better visit soon and see it again with me! Maybe I’ll go with my mom?

    So jealous that you might see a fireworks show at the capital! I will probably be alone again.

    Post about the kitten you buy your dad if it happens!

    Love ya!

    • Sara. I will try to visit soon. Though I really need to be home for awhile after this trip. I have barely been in Chico this year! That is so odd! Anyway, Mom and I totally need to come visit though, if I don’t come alone. If you are with your mommy you should totally go to the movie. It’d be a great film to see together. Love and miss you and will call soon.

  4. Wow, how are you coming along on the 13 things! I just subscribed to your RSS feed, so now I should no every time you publish something. Maybe I will read it more often now. Love you!

    • Awesome! I should write something new tonight. So glad you will be reading more now! Love you.

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