Posted by: thedianestory | June 11, 2009

Carousel Fun

I arrived in Maryland early June 9th at about 2am. June 9th is my dad’s birthday. Dad picked me up from the airport and we went home and got some rest. We got up about 9am and headed out for the day. We had breakfast at Denny’s, did some shopping, and then headed to see a movie. We were planning on seeing National Treasure in IMAX, but when we got there and purchased our tickets, we found out that they were having trouble with the sound in the IMAX so we would not be able to see it. We still wanted to see a movie, and decided to go see “My Life in Greece.” This movie, however, did not start for another hour so we had some time to kill. The theatre is at the mall so dad and I decided we would head over the mall for a bit. Dad decided we should ride the carousel for fun!

Dad on the Carousel

Dad on the Carousel

Me on the Carousel

Me on the Carousel

Oh to be a kid again! It was fun to just relax and enjoy a few minutes of childhood life! After riding the carousel we went and looked at a movie store and I drug my dad into one of my favorite stores – H&M! He said Jeanne and I could go shopping there while I am here! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad, I am so happy I got to share your birthday with you. I hope you had an amazing day and I look forward to spending the next few weeks with you! Love you so much!


  1. Did you see My Life in Ruins??? Was it good? Do tell!

    • No, I saw My Life in Greece.

  2. I have never been in an H&M! Sad, huh?

    • I only discovered that store this year…and now I love it! You must check it out!

    My prayers are close to you since I can not be! ALL MY LOVE! =) HUGS AND BIG FAT KISSES!!!!!!
    Your Friend, Moll<
    Ps. Nick and Cal send you their LOVE LOVE LOVE TOO!!!!!!! MUUAAAAHHH!!! =)

  4. OH also…I LIKE YOUR NEW SITE LOOK!!!!!!! IT’S COOL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have never been in an H&M either but I have heard it is cool. I think I will have to loose some weight first before I could enjoy a trip there though. I love forever 21 too but that is also a store made for thinner people. Glad you are having a good time with your dad!

    • Once you lose wait we will go shopping at both of the stores just for you! Love you.

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