Posted by: thedianestory | May 31, 2009

Disney Days

Day 1 Breakfast

Day 1 Breakfast

I realize that I have not posted any blogs from last weeks Disneyland trip. What a shame! Time is moving quickly, so I decided I better get some pics posted in a blog. Me and my mom’s favorite breakfast treat at Disneyland is a giant cinammon roll from Blue Ribbon Bakery. This was our first stop in the park while we waited to get a phone call from my brother that he and his girlfriend had arrived. My mom was so happy! Of course I was happy as well.

All set to hit some rides!

All set to hit some rides!

After our yummy, not-so-healthy, breakfast mom and I made our way to hit some rides. I love Disneyland SO much. One can never tire of such a magical place!
On Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin!

On Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin!

After just a couple hours in the park, we got the call from my brother than he and his girlfriend had arrived. Mom and I made our way back to our hotel and met up with them. By this time it was lunch time, so on the way back into Disneyland we decided to stop at Tortilla Jo’s in Downtown Disney and have some lunch. This is one of my favorite restaurants!
Three's Company!

Three's Company!

Finally it was time to head back to Disneyland and start our day together. Boy did fun times begin! I can’t wait to go to Disneyland again…sometime soon! Because it was Memorial Day Weekend, it was really crowded. It was also Magic Music Days as well as some sort of Dance Competition going on at the Disneyland Resort, so there were several groups there which added to the crowds. Seeing the music groups brought back memories though because my brother and I performed at Disneyland with our Highschool Choir in 1997. So weird to think that was twelve years ago already! Anyway, I had an amazing birthday trip and feel very blessed to be able to get away and get a break again. Thanks family for making it happen!
Dinner at Raplh Brennan's Jazz Kitchen

Dinner at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen



  1. I will start swearing if i do not get my FInding Nemo ride pics posted somewhere. This is your first warning. Next time you will be receiving a citation in the mail for
    5,742 dollars and 57 cents. DoN’t MeSs WiTh Me Yo!
    P.S. –
    this is not a joke. no, seriously dawg. seriously.

    • That was next blog planned. I will post soon. I actually tried to upload pics to facebook the other night and it wouldn’t let me for some reason! So I tried! I will blog or post, promise.

  2. I might be up for a trip in the Fall but Disneyland during summer is no fun! Too crowded and too hot! Wish I could have tagged along this time though! How did your mom and Danny’s girlfriend get on?

    • I am assuming you meant “along?” They do great together! Elika is such a sweetheart.

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