Posted by: thedianestory | May 28, 2009

My Birthday Blessings

Getting ready to blow out my candles!

Getting ready to blow out my candles!

My birthday was SO amazing. Honestly I have to say that this was probably the best birthday I have ever had. I was loved on by so many family and friends it was incredible. I had about thirty people at my house for a BBQ, including 16 of my favorite little munchkins + four older kids who I can’t really call “little munchkins” anymore!  Then I had the parents of the kids, including my youth pastor and his wife, and a few other adults who I am friends with. My mom of course was taking care of the bbq and cooked us all up some really yummy hamburgers and hot dogs.

See my kidlet captive audience around my cake?

See my kidlet captive audience around my cake?

We did my birthday cake outside as it was the only open surface to set my big cake on. So all the kids gathered on top of the hot tub to watch me blow out the candles and cut the cake. I am getting old…there were only 24 candles in the box, and I just turned….27! So, we did one row with 2 candles and one row with 7 candles. My neice Victoria arranged them for me! She of course, made sure to give her Aunty a hard time about being so old! She chimed in with my youth pastor, Craig, giving me a hard time that I am “almost 30.” Thanks guys! But I think I am entering the best years of my life!

While everyone was singing, I got a special birthday present. All the sudden we heard chirping and all my little munckins started screaming “Miss Diane…look!…and pointing to the corner of the patio”….And low and behold what did we find….

A nest of baby birds!

A nest of baby birds!

I spent today researching trying to figure out what type of birds they are. I believe they are House Finches. I have seen three sets of eyes, but think there may be a fourth bird down in there too. I have not seen Momma Bird, but my mom says she saw her this morning feeding the birds, so I am hoping they are doing okay. It has been a special treat getting to go outside several times today and look at these birds. If I had kids and were homeschooling, I would SO be putting together a unit study on birds. I am now fascinated. Really I became quite fascinated with birds when I took Plant/Animal Biology for teaching. I truly learned SO much in that class…though I didn’t enjoy it at the time, now I am thankful to have had to take it. Anyway, what a special birthday present to have the little birds sing along to Happy Birthday for me!

So I am officially 27 now! How crazy is that. Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday. I had a very special day and feel so incredibly blessed. I have even more I want to share about how people blessed me on my special day, but that will be another blog, as this one is already quite long. Thanks friends and family for being so good to me. I am very blessed indeed.



  1. You’ll get to see our science and bird project when you come on Sat. I need to post pics. Oh and the pics I got of the ones at your moms show 4 for sure and possibly 6.

    • souns awesome Sarah! You should post the pics!

  2. Wish I could have been there!

  3. Yes, a happy birthday indeed! And I felt so spoiled not to have to make dinner that night;-)
    I turned 30 this Spring Diane, and it’s just plain weird to be that number. Other than that…
    It’s pretty much the same as the last few numbers!;-P Really, the strange part is how fast the time is going by.

    The birds decided to make a nest – bird house, bird feeder or no – huh?
    How’s that for God’s gracious care in the little things?

    Love you,

  4. I know Analene! I thought about that “Wait…Analene and I didn’t even make our bird feeders!” God is SO faithful isn’t he? He knew my longing to have birds in my backyard, and he made it happen. Oh how amazing our God is to take care of the little details.

    I agree, time is going by so fast! I know thirty will be here before I know it. And you – 30 with child #6 on the way – how incredible is that?!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE you Mrs. Love!!!!!!!!!!

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