Posted by: thedianestory | May 19, 2009

Nieces and Nephews – Oh My!

May 19, 2009

I am an aunty to many of my friends’ children. I am so blessed to have these amazing children in my life! Saturday I went to the baby shower of Sarah’s sister-in-law, which is wife to her little brother. So I have another niece on the way! I thought I would share some pics of these children I LOVE!

Brooklyn and I

Brooklyn and I

Do you notice the clothes pins? It was a baby shower…so we couldn’t say the word “baby.” If you got caught saying the word you would get your clothes pins taken. Whoever ended up with the most pins at the ends a prize. I caught one person saying the word and got two extra pins. In the end, my older niece Tori won the game!

Aunty Di and Victoria

Aunty Di and Victoria

Would you believe that Brooklyn took the pic of Tori and I? Pretty good for a not quite five year old, huh?

This is Dyllan and Victoria

This is Dyllan and Victoria

Doesn’t Victoria look motherly? She gets lots of practice with all the munchkins around!

Me and Isabella

Me and Isabella

Okay, so I didn’t realize till I got home from the shower that I didn’t even get to hold Isa at the shower! What a rip off…lol!!!!!!! So this is the only picture I got with her, and it obviously isn’t that good since I took it myself. Isa is so tiny still, it is crazy!

Dyllan wanting out!!!!!!

Dyllan wanting out!!!!!!

Dyllan was thinking “don’t take my pic Aunty Di….take me outta here instead!” I just think it is a way cute picture!

So there ya have my Saturday with nieces and nephews. I am so blessed, don’t ya think? Thanks to all their mommies for sharing their munchkins with me. I love you all!



  1. My son is very lucky to have an Aunty like you. We could care less if your not his ‘Real” aunt. Love runs thicker then blood in my mind!! We love you very much Aunty Di!

  2. Thanks. I love it when people get over the “blood is thicker than water” nonsense. You two are SO special to me. LOVE YOU!

  3. Its so funny….your mom held Isa!

  4. funny funny Sarah! I’m gonna have to come down and get my Isabella time!

  5. Super jealous! Ethan misses you!

    • And I miss Ethan!

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