Posted by: thedianestory | May 5, 2009

Blogging Friendship Award



I’d like to thank my bestie Sarah  for awarding me the Blogging Friendship Award.

I now have to post 8 things I look forward to doing, 8 things I wish I could do, and then award the Blogging Friendship Award to 8 blogging friends.

 So 8 things I look forward to doing:

1. Hanging out with my brother’s girlfriend at the end of this week. She is coming to CA for a visit!

2. Going to Disneyland the end of this month for my birthday! I am so excited. I LOVE Disneyland SO much.  My mom, brother, and brother’s girlfriend are going with me. We will have such a blast!

3. Going to visit my dad, aunt/uncle, grandma and cousins this summer.

4. Possibly seeing the fireworks for the 4th of July in Washington D.C.

5. Celebrating milestone’s in friends’ lives – 30th bdays, kids 1rst b-days, 10th birthdays, and the dreaded 13th birthday of my nephew Danny Austin – where have the years gone?

6. Being a mother someday.

7. Reaching new goals in life.

8. Learning to REALLY sew. Ok I know how to sew, but only the basics. I want to practice more and be able to do more projects.

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Get through just one full day without pain or feeling ill.

2. Heal my marriage

3. Adopt children

4. Live in my dream home, just far enough in the country to have seclusion and beautiful views, but close enough to the city conveniences.

5. Go to Hawaii, Brazil & Portugal  for vacation.

6. Get my nails done and afford to keep them done!

7. Go camping for at least a week this summer!

8. Go on a Sarah, Sara, and Diane retreat! Remember our camping trip? That was pretty awesome!

8 friends I award the blogging friendship award to:

1. Mommy Reg…who I couldn’t live without!

2. Molly Hightower whom I adore!

3. Momma Bug….who has become an amazing friend and role model to me. You are so very sweet.

4. Morgan, who has an incredibly caring heart. Thank you for your friendship.

5. Sara, my friend for life who has been through nearly everything with me. I love you.

6. Sammy, my twin sister (or so it seems). You are a joy to do life with.

7. My Mom, who is the most amazing woman I know. Maybe this will get her back into the blogging spirit!

8. Shelley, who is like a second mom to me. Her life has been crazy and she hasn’t blogged since January. Maybe this will help her get started again as well! I love you!


  1. You forgot my 18th is this year! I really need to start blogging again soon. Hmm. Love you!

  2. I didn’t forget…

  3. Yay!!! You did it finally!!! You won’t be here for the 10th..brat.

  4. I know….bad aunty, bad aunty!

  5. Hey so I caught up on all of your blogs. You need to go to the ferry bldg. and take pics in and outside it is really neat I didn’t have my camera with me.

    Love ya lots Mom. Goodnight or morning as the case may be.

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